CDS Stretched Transparent showcases

Transparent Stretched Displays

CDS Stretched Transparent showcases are now available from CDS – mixing two unique technologies to create a completely innovative display for retail, museums and many other applications.

Due to the increased demand for both stretched displays and transparent LCD displays, we are now offering stretched transparent LCD models.

We have the incredible 29.3″ standard ClearVue showcase and then we also have the ability to make any stretched display of interest transparent and then build a showcase for it, so just ask the CDS technical sales and support team.

Stretched ClearVue Standard Showcase

Part NumberDescriptionBrightnessResolutionBacklightOuter Dimensions (mm)
SCV293V129.3″ Transparent Stretched LCD Showcase350 cd/m²1366 x 512LED802.2 x 323.9 x 271.6

17.2 transparent stretched Transparent Stretched Displays


*Displays are also available in panel only and panel kit format so you can design, and build your own housing to meet your specific requirements

*Custom transparent showcases are available on request

Transparent Stretched Displays

Check out a custom design we manufactured for our customer in action as below;

Take a look at the spec sheet for the standard transparent stretched LCD showcase as below;

If you would like any additional information or datasheets then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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