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CDS Displays – Vertical Markets – CDS vertical markets service many Industries and applications. Here at CDS, our displays are used in a wide variety of industries and applications which we have highlighted below. We have developed bespoke products to suit the most demanding environments and include standard displays products as well as highly technical, engineered customised solutions. 

Please explore some of the industries we focus on below and link through to some displays that are used in these markets and can add real value to your application and business. Digital displays are changing the face of many products and applications and are enhancing many end products for industrial, gaming, and retail uses. 

Whether used for digital signage, medical equipment, embedded solutions, industrial products, information messaging, system monitoring, advertising, productivity and communication, Casino, Gaming / entertainment or architectural buildings. CDS displays can transform the experiences of working, shopping, and socializing as well help improving the quality of many products and services both locally and worldwide. 

CDS as one of the world’s specialist displays companies is at the forefront of many digital display trends with award-winning display offerings that are designed for the rigors of numerous products and uses including mission critical operations while delivering the features and performance that create incredible visual clarity and amazing user experiences. They can include fanless embedded PCs, rugged embedded computers, industrial Panel PCs or touchscreen computers systems.



If you are looking for a custom display, touchscreen or total embedded solution for your application, then please click on any of the product areas below to get more information on the types of displays and monitors you may want.

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