Open frame industrial Monitors, which CDS designs and manufactures and includes a wide range of Open Frame monitors and industrial Touch Monitors for many different applications and markets. Custom monitors and touchscreen monitors are also available, to give you the optimum solution.

These Open frame industrial Monitors including ‘chassis’ and panel mount monitors offer great benefits such as;

* 6.5″ to 84″ available with up to 4K resolution.

* Long term stability of mechanical design with VGA, DVI, HDMI, Video interfaces

* Various built in Touchscreen options with RS232 / USB communication optional (for touch)

* Excellent design to optimise air flow / heat dissipation, and minimal footprint with fine finishing with good looking black powder coated chassis (option)

* Standard VESA mounting monitors

* Some larger panels have SMPS (power supply) built in for your ease of design-In.

 CDS’s Daylight Readable (sunlight readable) Open Frame Monitors are an excellent solution for manufacturers or integrators, looking for a quick and easy installation of a display into their equipment. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, and rugged environments. These monitors have been designed as daylight readable, by incorporating high brightness backlights, high contrast ratio panels, & optical bonding for optimal viewing experience, with various touchscreen options including PCAP, Infra-Red, and resistive touch technologies.

– High Bright sunlight readable monitors

Possible Customizations:

* Open Frame, Front Bezel, Rackmount, Panel Mount etc

* Touchscreen or Protective Glass

* Integrated HD media player to loop content via USB

* Integrated computer for an all in one, Panel PC type solution

* Custom Inputs, IR sensor and more

* IP Rated water resistant enclosure

* Custom Colours / Branding

* Wide range of Open frame industrial Monitors and touch screen monitors

Example breakdown of a custom monitor

CDS Monitor Builder

What is an Industrial Monitor?

An industrial monitor, often referred to as an industrial display or rugged monitor, is a specialized type of computer monitor designed for use in industrial environments. These monitors are built to withstand harsh conditions that are typically not encountered in typical office or home settings.

Some key features and characteristics of industrial monitors include:

  1. Durability: Industrial monitors are constructed to be rugged and durable. They are typically built with robust materials that can withstand exposure to dust, dirt, moisture, extreme temperatures, and mechanical shock.

  2. Environmental resistance: Industrial monitors often have protective coatings or enclosures that make them resistant to water, oil, chemicals, and other environmental factors. This makes them suitable for use in manufacturing plants, outdoor settings, and other challenging locations.

  3. Temperature range: Many industrial monitors are designed to operate within a wide temperature range, allowing them to function in both extremely hot and cold conditions.

  4. Mounting options: Industrial monitors often offer various mounting options, such as VESA mounts or panel mounts, to facilitate installation in different industrial settings.

  5. Brightness and visibility: These monitors are designed to be highly visible even in brightly lit or outdoor environments. They may have higher brightness levels compared to standard monitors.

  6. Touchscreen capabilities: Some industrial monitors come with touchscreen functionality, making them suitable for applications where operators need to interact directly with the display.

  7. Customization: Industrial monitors can often be customized to meet specific application requirements. This may include size, resolution, touchscreen technology, and connectivity options.

  8. Connectivity: Industrial monitors typically offer a range of input and output options to accommodate various industrial equipment and communication protocols.

Industrial monitors are commonly used in manufacturing plants, automation systems, control rooms, transportation systems, and other industrial settings where regular consumer-grade monitors would be vulnerable to damage or failure due to environmental factors or rough handling. They play a crucial role in ensuring reliable operation and monitoring of industrial processes.


Open frame industrial Monitors and Touch Screen Monitors

All CDS monitors are available as interactive touch monitors utilising the latest touch technology of your choice which can include Projected Capacitive (PCAP), resistive, capacitive, SAW (Sound Acoustic Wave) and I.R (Infra-Red). This can be single, dual or multi touch with the possibilities of ultra-wide viewing angle or hibrite as well as ruggedised vandal resistant options. We also offer industrial customised touch monitors to meet your specific requirements, which can be form fit and function copies of major branded monitors to save you money and utilise the latest technologies if required, whether it be for smart queue displays, medical grade touch screen monitor, intrinsically safe tablet price, or weather proof kiosks.

CDS with many years’ experience understands the Touchscreen monitor and industrial monitor Business in great depth so we can advise on the suitability of products for your application and we offer full support on all products sold. With a range of screen sizes available and our years of experience and expertise you are sure to find the best solution for your application whether it be one unit or 1000 we are here to help with our High Quality Industrial Displays.  We know we can save you money compared to many of the more expensive branded products, to enable you to win more business.

Custom Designs

CDS as well as its standard off the shelf monitor designs offers a custom design service with low prices and Minimum Order Quantity of only 50 units so you can get the Monitor that meets your requirements exactly.  Also, we can look at equivalent replacements to ELO touchscreen monitors including ELO1717l, ELO 1717l 17 touchscreen monitors, ELO 24 touchscreen monitors, KME rugged monitors, Eizo monitors, etc.

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