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Curved Gaming Monitors, LED edge lit displays (Halo screens), curved LCDs and Casino Monitors have recently spiralled into popularity especially in the gaming & casino industry. We have also seen installs in commercial markets, trade shows and more. Curved Monitors can create exciting opportunities for casino slot machines, entertainment kiosks, digital signage, central control centres, as well as medical applications.

CDS offers the curve in anew dimension.

CDS is a manufacturer of curved LCD’s / curved monitors partner and now offers the complete range. CDS offer a wide array of products, tried and tested solutions built to the highest quality. As well as C curved and J curved solutions, we can offer with integrated touchscreen and LED halo (LED edge lit display or halo screen) if required. With curved Gaming and Casino Monitors push your gaming machine or kiosk with the new machine development to the next level for a true new generation look and feel.

CDS expanded its range of curved display portfolio recently and now also offers J-Curved displays with different radii in addition to the already available C-Curved displays. J-Curved displays in particular can be used to create complex 3-dimensional designs for gaming and vending machines. As usual, the displays are available both individually and as a complete system, and their curvature can be adapted to customer requirements as far as technically possible. CDS also offers in-house developed and pre-configured UHD controller for controlling curved displays, for a wide range of customization options.

CDS offers durable, fast, smooth and accurate touchscreens without restrictions caused by a variety of designs and glass widths. CDS also offers drop in alternatives to Bestech monitors, Fantalooks displays, Elo touchscreens, Eurocoin monitors, all the Korean manufacturers as well as any supplier you are using.  Just send us a data sheet but currently the 43″ J-Curved display and 55″ J-Curved display solutions are the most popular.

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What is a Curved Casino Display?

A curved casino display refers to a curved screen used in the context of casino gaming environments. These displays are designed to enhance the gaming experience for casino patrons. The curved design is intended to create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere, particularly for games that rely on graphics, animations, and interactive elements

Key Features of Curved Displays

  • Immersive Gaming Experience: Curved displays create a more immersive gaming environment by wrapping the screen around the player. This immersive curve helps draw the player into the game, providing a more engaging and realistic experience.

  • Wider Field of View: The curved design expands the player’s field of view, allowing them to see more of the gaming environment without having to turn their head. This can be especially beneficial in casino games that involve intricate graphics or multiple playing elements.

  • Reduced Distortion and Glare: Curved displays help minimize distortion and glare, providing a more uniform and clear view of the game. This is particularly advantageous in well-lit casino environments where ambient light might otherwise impact the visual quality.

  • Enhanced Depth Perception: The curvature of the display can improve depth perception, making it easier for players to judge distances and positions within the game. This is particularly useful in games where spatial awareness is crucial.

  • Improved Comfort: The curvature of the display is designed to match the natural shape of the human eye, reducing eye strain and providing a more comfortable viewing experience for extended gaming sessions.

  • Multi-Screen Integration: Some curved displays are designed for multi-screen setups, allowing casinos to create larger, seamless displays by connecting multiple curved screens. This can be utilized for more expansive and complex gaming experiences.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Curved displays often have a sleek and modern design, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the casino gaming area. This can create a visually impressive and inviting atmosphere for players.

  • Customizable Configurations: Many curved displays offer adjustable settings, allowing players to customize the curvature, brightness, and other visual parameters according to their preferences. This level of customization can enhance individual gaming experiences.

Multiple Sizes Available

4K UHD Resolution

Available with PCAP Touchscreen

Optional LED Halo

Suitable for Portrait & Landscape

Fully Customizable Design

Industrial Design - Optimum Durability

Price Competitive Solutions

Types Of Curved Gaming and Casino Monitors


J Curved


C Curved

With Touch

With LED Halo

Check Out Our Full Range of LED HALO Displays

CDS offers LED edge lit Gaming LED Monitors which adds real value to the end user’s machine. Depending on your application and specification of the system, the LED stripes or LED tubes are seamlessly integrated into the housing for system solutions with LED lighting – both front lighting or side lighting.

CDS Product Overview

  • 1800r / 1500r and 800r curved panels / curved LCDs during manufacture
  • 10-point PCT USB Touch with or without protective Glass
  • VGA / DVI / DisplayPort (DP) inputs
  • Strong rugged metal housing for maximum protection
  • Industrial electronics and Incorporated mounting holes
  • Power 12V or 24V DC
  • Full HD (FHD) resolution 1920 x 1080 or 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) with 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Our curved monitors encourage greater customer interaction with high-speed processing, image quality and touch accuracy.
  • Touch mapping can support tools to enable multiple touchscreens running via a single PC
  • Open and closed frame designs to meet your requirements
  • Includes PSU with UK, EU or USA power cord, and USB touch cable
  • Full control of all display and display parameters via On-Screen-Display (OSD)
  • True colour (16 Million colours) data processing and display driving
  • All round 89 degrees maximum viewing angle and 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Touch point resolution 4096 x 4096
  • State of the art high performance image and touch screens
Halo and Curved Displays ready to ship

Our Curved displays being soak tested before despatch

first Bar-Top Gaming Touchscreen with optical bonding

CDS is helping Gamers enjoy the gaming life at the bar table with wines and snacks giving great convenience. But sometimes the viewing experience is not great with some products, but don’t worry as CDS has introduced the CDS Optical bonded monitor which solves this screen problem and maximises the user experience. As the first bar-top gaming touchscreen monitor with Optical Bonded Technology, the 23.6″ C-curved display monitor is amazing in providing excellent visual effects. Of course, we also provide other advantages such as:

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