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CDS industrial Interface Boards – CDS’ range of Digital interface boards (also called Analog to Digital or AD boards) are designed to give a solution LCD displaysFrom entry level, low cost systems, to cutting edge boards & video cards with impeccable performance, including 4K and SDI solutions, our AD video cards are the most reliable available.

Interface Board Overview

Board NameInputsOutputsMax ResolutionDimensionsInput VoltageOptional
IncaVGA / HDMILVDS1920 X 1200100 x 80 x 1912V / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
OspreyVGA / DVILVDS1920 x 1200100 x 150 x 1712V / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
Merlin-IVGA / DP / HDMILVDS1920 x 1200100 x 150 x 1712V / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
Merlin-DVGA / DVI / DPLVDS1920 x 1200100 x 150 x 1712C / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
SwanVGA / DVI / HDMI / DP / YPbPrLVDS / DP2560 x 1600175 x 45 x 2012V / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
CedarVGA / 2x HDMI / 2 x DPLVDS / eDP / V by one4096 x 2160145 x 175 x 2012V / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
Avocet2 x HDMI / DPV by one / eDP / DP4096 x 2160150 x 100 x 2012V / 24V DCRS232 / Light Sensor / IR
Zebra-IAnalog RGB, HDMI and DisplayportLVDS / eDP1920 x 1080100 x 150 x 19 12V / 24V DC

*CDS industrial Interface Boards – note that this list of boards is not exhaustive, and we can offer bespoke design services for projects of more than 500pcs. There are also other interfaces (not listed as standard), that we can offer with additional inputs, such as CVBS.

Where Are Our Interface Boards Used?

  • Industrial Displays
  • Automotive Displays
  • Defence & Security
  • Avionics Systems
  • Video Broadcas
  • Corporate AV
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • Marine Displays
  • Healthcare Imaging
  • Military Applications
  • Rail Systems
  • Food Processing
  • Harsh Environment
  • Architectural Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Casino Displays

Customizable Interface Boards

All standard CDS LCD controller products can be customised either at the production stage or by our interface cards engineering to suit a display application. CDS also undertake custom layout development for matching controller design to a specific customer enclosure.

The following are some examples, for controller models there may be some technical limitations:


Display your own logo / brand on the initial bootup.

OSD Options
  • OSD Menu Design
  • Custom OSD buttons
  • Extra Language Support
  • Add / Remove Functions
Input Options
  • Add / Remove Inputs
  • Port / Signal Locking
  • Change Power Input
  • Custom Port Naming
Additional Options
  • Custom Calibration
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Cabling
  • Anti-Vibration

TFT LCD KITS - Panel + Interface board

CDS offers LCD Panel Kits and Touch Solutions from stock which include Display panels with interface card and Control OSD and Cable-Set, including Embedded Touch Displays and Touch Screen Components. The CDS kit solutions include a display and the driving electronics such as AD board and backlight drivers all in one package optimised for the panel of your choice. Many of the CDS displays are configured with a controller card, and internal cable sets with each of these combinations set up as an LCD display kit which ensures a single part number can be ordered at any time and our customers are guaranteed consistency of supply.

But some of our customers require TFT display kits that are slightly different to a standard kit, with for example a different firmware.  For these unique part numbers are created for each customer’s TFT display kit solution, again ensuring that traceability and consistency is guaranteed within each and every one of our TFT display kits. This could also include the different ways the internal components are handled, e.g. a medical or military company may require 100% incoming testing rather than batch testing and a unique part will identify this requirement and ISO 9001 procedures ensure the process and reliability.

Whatever your display kit solution we can deliver this for you at a very cost effective price. Just contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirements and they will create an optimised solution for you. Even if you are having issues with your current supplier we can often offer lower cost Form Fit and Function solutions to give you that improved performance and solution you require.

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