LED Halo Displays

Fully Controllable RGB LED Halo Surround for Gaming / Casino Applications

Introduction To CDS Touchscreen LED edge lit Monitors & displays

CDS LED edge lit Display Monitors (LED edge and LED Halo Displays (Halo Screens) using the best LCD screens are becoming more popular now in the gaming / casino industry. The lights around the edge act as a great attractor, and the RGB LEDs can be programmed to change colour / pattern based on events in the game, like a jackpot etc. CDS have partnered with General Touch who have a wide range of LED Halo Display (Halo Screens) solutions, built to the highest quality to meet our customers high expectations.

Product Features

Multiple Sizes Available

Up to 4K UHD Resolution

Available with PCAP Touchscreen

Controllable RGB LED Halo

Suitable for Portrait & Landscape

Industrial Design - Optimum Durability

Price Competitive Solutions

Fully Customizable Design

LED Edge-Lit Halo Display Monitors Product Range Overview

LED edge lit Monitors - Product Overview

SizeResolutionBrightness (nits)Contrast RatioDimensions (mm)WeightLEDsCurved
10.1"1920 x 1080250800:1272 x 190 x 493.45KGFront:2No
21.5"1920 x 10802501000:1537.2 x 314.6 x 104.26KGFront: 2No
21.5"1920 x 10802501000:1546 x 342 x 49.87KGFront: 4 Back: 4No
23.8"1920 x 10802501000:1583.2 x 314.25 x 50.38KGFront: 2 Back: 3No
23.8"1920 x 10802501000:1591 x 367 x 49.88KGFront: 4 Back: 4No
27"1920 x 10803001000:1640 x 385 x 52.511KGFront : 2 Back : 3No
27"1920 x 10803001000:1660 x 404 x 53.99KGFront: 4 Back: 4No
32"1920 x 10804001200:1765.9 x 466.5 x 63.615KGFront: 4 Back: 4No
43"3840 x 21605001200:11023 x 616 x 52.120KGFront: 4 Back: 4No
43"3840 x 21604505000:11011.8 x 619.6 x 155.324KGFront: 4C Type
43"3840 x 21604505000:11021.15 x 619.6 x 157.2924KGFront:4J Type
  • 10 Point PCT Touch or Protective Glass.
  • RGB LED options around front edge of display.
  • 21.5” to 55” Encased PCT Multi Touch Display + LED.
  • The edge of the cover glass features either single or multi-coloured attract LED and can be specified in any position around the display.
  • The metal case can be coloured as required or with the standard Black.
  • The back of the unit offers VGA / HDMI and / or Display Port video input options.
  • USB Touch connection and mechanical integration via VESA mount on the back.
CDS Halo edge lit monitor range

CDS offers LED edge lit Monitors which adds real value to the end user’s machine. Depending on your application and specification of the system, the LED stripes or LED tubes are seamlessly integrated into the housing for system solutions with LED lighting – both front lighting or side lighting. By doing this different configuration can be realised based on the customer’s requirements. The possibilities are manifold and range from LEDs mounted on one, two or three sides to LEDs mounted in specific sections or even all around. You can either use your own or the CDS in-house developed LED controller to be controlled either individually or as a group.  The lighting effects can be flexibly configured so that users can, for example, choose between mono / colour light or lighting effects such as flashing, light play or rainbow effect giving an amazingly flexible light show around your display. Light emission from the back of the monitor (and not just the front) can also be realised. This enables indirect lighting effects, such as those used for gaming machines to create pleasant lighting atmospheres.

CDS now have fully pre-configured monitor solutions including LED control unit and LED lighting monitors (so called Deco displays) with high quality LCD screens (halo screens), which can also be equipped with a cover glass and optionally with a suitable PCAP sensor. Thanks to our flexible concept, other diagonals can also be quickly and easily realised, so please contact us if you do not see what you require.

CDS also offers drop in alternative LED edge lit Monitors to Bestech monitors, Fantalooks displays, Elo touchscreens, Eurocoin monitors, all the Korean manufacturers as well as anyone you are using.  Just send us a data sheet and we will quote you a solution.

Example Videos

32" C Curved Halo Display

Our 43" J-Curved Halo Monitor In Action

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