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How can we help you and why should you take our ARM based Panel PCs including embedded computers and HMI G+F HMI solutions from CDS give you a ‘one stop shop’ of ARM based HMIs with options of Single Board Computer, Display, touchscreen, mounting frame, and operating system loaded on and tested to give you EXACTLY the solution you require.  NO searching for suitable components and then checking suitability / compatibility as well as ensuring long term availability.  The high quality designed and manufactured either in Germany or China to CDS’s specification products guarantee quality, reliability and add true value to the end product.  See below the basic steps to arrive at the best Human Machine Interface HMI) for your product.  Our HMI products are suitable for many varied applications and products, with fully customisable options available.

  1. The basis of our HMI systems is the ARM Based Single Board computer made from high end industrial components with the following options below , plus others to be added

  1. We pair our board with other high end components to complete the high end HMI, and then load on your software operating systems including Linux, Android, or Windows.

  1. You can then choose the fully customisable mounting option that best meets your requirements  to give you the complete highly reliable HMI solution.

  1. Now you are ready for your specific application and requirement!

So why buy our Human Machine Interfaces?

  1. Unparalleled ‘Made In Germany’ Quality and reliability
  2. Flexible Core designs
  3. Fully customisable
  4. Total Hardware and Software solution
  5. Compact, neat and clean designs.
  6. Accepted as unequalled Best in class products

Your complete overview of our ARM based Panel PCs, solutions and competencies

Request our excellent overview and insight into our Arm based PC HMI Solutions, including the quality and craftsmanship in these high reliability products. ARM Based Panel PCs

The quality and reliability is world renowned but don’t take our word for it, try our excellent starter kits with all you need to get up and running and start developing.  Probably the best development starter kit in the world!

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Single Board Computer

Single Board Computer

The use of our turnkey pre-integrated embedded computer systems minimises development risks and saves time, money and headaches. Avoid unnecessary stress and take profit from our experience and our highly scalable platform concept with uniform software distribution. We integrate the standard operating systems Linux, Android or Windows “application ready” for you. This way you do not need to worry about operating system, drivers or libraries and can focus your resources totally on the applications. Our systems are as reliable as durable and are proudly manufactured in Germany by ourselves ensuring highest quality.

Rear Mount HMI

rear mount HMI

To enable a simple installation into your device, we offer our single board computers for HMI applications as matched turnkey systems including touch display and housing. The rear mount HMI is installed from the inside of the front panel and easily fastened with screws. We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable sealings or scratch-resistant cover foils.

Panel Mount HMI

panel mount HMI

To aid panel mount installation into your device, we offer our single-board computers for HMI applications as matched turnkey systems including touch display and housing. The panel mount HMI is installed from the front into a cut out in the front panel. The system as a whole can then be fixed with screws from the inside or with clamping screws versus the front panel. This design type features extreme robustness and is particularly suitable for quick installation into control panels or consoles. It is also easy to mount as it can stand larger cut tolerances. Pre-assembled seals allow high IP protection classes without big effort. On request, Cover glass or foil can be individually printed to the customers’ needs.

Flush Mount HMI

flush mount HMI

You want a modern HMI with a continuous glass or plastic front and many design options? You want a seamless or even flush integration into your terminal? For this kind of demands we offer our single-board computers as matched turnkey systems including touch display and housing in Flush Mount HMI design. The assembly is carried out from the front into a cut off of the front panel. The fastening is performed individually and depending on the overall concept from the device inside.

Offering multiple features for multiple applications.

CDS has again extended their range of POS/PID (Point of Sale/Public Information Display) solutions.

This flush-mount unit with a 32’’ capacitive touch display can be seamlessly integrated into any device’s surface and offers great flexibility due to its wide viewing angle.

For use in portrait or landscape mode, this device offers the ability to display information as well as interact with the user.

Many designed for industrial applications, for information boards in public buildings or at the POS.

Din Rail

DIN Rail

Some of our turnkey pre-integrated single board computers can also be purchased “boxed” in a rugged housing for DIN rail mounting. This saves you time and money and avoids development risks and unnecessary stress. Take benefit from our experience and our highly scalable platform concept with uniform software distribution! We integrate the standard operating systems Linux, Android or Windows “application ready” for you. This way you do not need to worry about operating system, drivers or libraries and can focus your resources totally on the applications. Our systems are as reliable as durable and are proudly manufactured in Germany by ourselves ensuring highest quality.

Vending Machine Controllers

Vending Machine Controller

CDS has a modern, newly developed Linux-based vending machine control system. An MDB interface for connecting payment systems, as well as the 3G/4G modem, makes SV ready for the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to the powerful graphics unit, High Resolution touch displays can be operated. The proven vending machine controllers in the CDS family can be regarded as being state of the art replacements for conventional vending machine controllers. What’s more, in many cases, our controllers represent the only available solution for converting existing vending machines so that they can take advantage of modern payment systems and telemetry, as well as complying with child protection laws.

For more in-depth information including the embedded systems we support, which operating systems, open-source Linux sources, real time extensions using PREEMPT_RT, Android our choice is the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and our extensive development environments (SDK = Software Developers’ Kit) please click here to contact us.

You would like to learn more, where our HMIs have been integrated successfully? What were the exact requirements, which way have special challenges been solved? How did the interaction between Hard-and Software during the implementation process run? How had the cooperation between Garz & Fricke, technology-partners and the customer been setup? You will find the answers in the case studies below, which might help you to find the perfect solution for you forthcoming HMI-projects.

The CDS ARM based Panel PCs cover a wide range of of products, specifications, and options which can also include:

Rugged Panel PCs; Intel Bay Trail E3845 processor; IP65 Bezel; Front IP65; 5-Side IP65; Intel Atom Quad Core; ARM TI-AM3354; ARM Freescale i.MX6; Low Power x86; Front IP65/OF; Quad Core Atom; 400MHz x86; Front IP65; Front IP66; i.MX6 DualLite 1.0GHz; 4th Gen Core i3/i5; 6th Gen Core i3/i5; 4th Gen Core i3/i5; IEC 60945; 6th Gen Intel Core i3/i5; Fully IP66/ATEX; Fully IP65/ATEX; 4th Gen Core i5; All-in-one Intel Atom; All-in-one fanless Panel PC; All-in-one Intel Core i; Wide Format 1080P LCDs; Fully Sealed PCs; Washdown Computers; Fully enclosed computer; Hazardous Area PCs; C1D2 Hazardous Area; Fully Sealed Monitors; NEMA 4 & NEMA 4X Monitors; Intel Skylake Core; Intel Bay Trail Industrial Panel PC; Intel Bay Trail E3845; Industrial Panel PC Touch Screen; Low consumption ‘fanless’ solution; front panel mounting; flexible Panel PC SCADA system; Intel Atom N2600; Aluminium Front/Metal Chassis; Intel Atom N2930;

Other options include DualLite ARM Cortex A9; Onboard Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Processor; Open Frame Design; Touch Screen Support; IP65 Aluminium Die Cast Front Bezel; Two Easy Access Front USB Ports; Onboard Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz; BayTrail Quad 1.83GHz; Flat P-CAP Maritime; 10.4″ vehicle mount computer; 19″ aluminium panel PC; Heavy Industrial Panel PC; medical panel PC; IP69K Panel PC; In-Vehicle Signage Panel PC; Fully-sealed medical panel computer; 21.5″ Fanless Full IP65; High-End Industrial Food and Pharma Panel PC; Industrial Panel PC with stainless steel housing; Projected Capacitive Multi finger touch screen; Equipped with an Intel Atom processor D2550; Medical and Industrial Panel PCs; IEC-60601-1; Multi-touch built-in Panel PC; Dual-touch built-in Panel PC; Fanless multi-touch built-in Panel PC;  Medical Panel PC’s; high brightness LCD module; medical grade panel PC; Fanless Touch Panel Computer; fanless touch panel computer; anti-vibration design; and Industrial Panel Computer.

Many customisation options available with our ARM based Panel PCs and solutions including:

easy maintenance back door; SAW touch screen; Open Frame Industrial Panel Computer; Industrial Flat Panel Monitor; waterproof & dust-proof front panels; industrial flat panel monitor; Harsh and aggressive environments; Medical wipe down; Antibacterial; Panel mounting; Docks, covered decks, the bridge and control rooms; dust and dirt are present; minimum heat dissipation; reduced noise levels; easy to use within demanding environments; with toughened glass; rugged environment; benign environments; fanless power-efficient industrial panel PCs; Intel Quad Core N2930 (Bay Trail); Atom N2600 (Cedar Trail); industrial PCs include 4th gen core with QM87 chipset; fanless power-efficient; Fan-less Atom N2600 1.6G CPU; 9~36VDC input with adapter; Aluminium chassis;

You could also select onboard Intel Bay Trail N2930 (1.83GHz) CPU; Rugged, high-performance, all-in-one industrial panel PCs with brilliant displays; Outdoor Sunlight-Readable Panel PC; Expandable Cost Effective Intel Celeron Processor J1900 Panel PC; 15″ Heavy-Duty Industrial Panel PC; ARM Based All-In-One Panel PC; ARM-Based Panel PC; Intel Atom Processor E3815/E3845; Optical Bonding; multi functional Industrial panel PC products; railway EN50155 certified panel PC;  provides OEM/ODM services to produce custom panel PC solutions; compact chassis with multi-functional I/O; based on the latest Intel Core Processors; Industrial Grade Panel PC for Control Rooms; stainless steel front for high hygiene standards; Modern industrial design; Human machine interfaces; flexible interfaces; intelligent, intuitive and scalable; robust, reliable, Flexible mounting options; Panel PCs integrated with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen; Integrating it with Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreens; Display Contrast and Brightness; Dust, Water and Weather Resistant.

 CDS’s range of Industrial embedded Touch screen PCs and ARM based HMIs but we also have:

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