Eye Spy Transparent Displays at the Kingsman Movie Experience at Mr Porters

Eye spy with my little eye a transparent display at the Kingsman Experience at Mr Porters Mayfair pop-up shop in London.

Transparent LCD fits the bill exactly with a spy environment, an amazing gadget-technology to show off any spy gadget 🙂

The tech, products and clothes from the film could only be matched with transparent LCD technology!

Our customer utilised custom-designed hardware to enhance the Kingsman experience, they created a transparent display-based attraction showcasing the Kingsman X TAG Heuer smartwatch.

This impressive smartwatch showcase featured a screen concealing a glass display with the image of a safe combination lock. Through user interaction, the safe can be unlocked and the smartwatch inside revealed. This promoted user engagement and interest with Mr. Porter’s high-end products and their Tag Heuer partnership.

CDS Mr Porter Kingsman case study

For more information please visit https://www.candyspace.com/work/interactive-spy-tech-kingsman-collection/

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