Transparent 3DP – “The Most Talked About Experience”

WOW we are so proud and gobsmacked that our customer has referred to our new Transparent LCD 3DP creation as “The Most Talked About Experience in the Harris Innovation Center.”

Its a pretty impressive place, so the fact that our display is the favourite is a privileged.

This is just one piece of feedback from a custom who is more than impressed with the technology and the effect created.

Check out the below links for a closer look at the latest install.

An innovation in transparent technology! You can use transparent LCD without a showcase box!

No software needed or any additional glass! Creating ease in installation.

You can take a look at another video example of the display in action here

If these displays are of interest to you and your company, please contact CDS’ highly experienced and trained team of sales staff who take care of any enquiries. Their unbeatable technical team work closely with customers regarding installation and service worldwide.

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