Phanta Visual Amaze at the Museum Vakdagen Show

How do you attract visitors to your exhibition stands / booths?  Why not follow in the footsteps of Phanta Visual and add unique digital displays to stop and WOW ‘passers-by’ so they visit your stand rather than your competition?

Phanta Visual excelled at the Museum Vakdagen Show where they showed off transparent displays, mini totems and ultra-wide stretched displays among a few digital displays to impress the crowd of Dutch and Belgium Museums.

These displays, as seen in the YouTube video below are a simple way to STAND OUT just like Phanta Visual did, and you can do the same. If you can get passers-by to stop and look at your dynamic, unique digital displays your sales people will find it much easier to engage with potential buyers and interested parties.

We are not talking about standard TV type branded monitors that everyone has on their stands, but rather unique, different or sleek designed products that will differentiate you from your competition!

With often large amounts of money spent on Exhibition stand design, as a displays company we are often amazed where opportunities are lost by just the simple selection and placement of unique digital displays to help create that WOW factor.

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