CDS High Bright Monitors: A Critical Element for Military Applications, Especially Naval Vessels

we are a partner for providing high bright monitors tailored for military applications, particularly in naval environments.

In the dynamic landscape of military defence, technological advancements play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of naval vessels. Recognized for their significance in carrying complex weapons, equipment, and cutting-edge technology, today’s warships demand top-notch displays to meet the challenges of modern warfare. With years of experience in the display industry, Crystal Display Systems (CDS) stands out as a reliable partner in providing high bright monitors tailored for military applications, particularly in naval environments.

Experience is Key

CDS boasts a rich history in the display industry, accumulating valuable experience that has culminated in a robust portfolio catering to defence and military requirements. Specializing in high bright displays, CDS offers a range of monitors varying in size from 6.5 inches to 19 inches. This extensive range ensures that military professionals have access to displays suitable for diverse applications within naval vessels.

Naval Technology

Naval technology is a driving force in military defence, and the integration of advanced technical equipment is paramount for the success of modern warships. As one of the largest platforms carrying sophisticated weaponry and technology, naval vessels demand displays that can withstand the challenges of their environment. CDS understands this critical need and is committed to delivering high bright monitors that meet the stringent requirements of naval technology.

Services We Offer

Crystal Display Systems takes pride in its specialized team dedicated to addressing the unique display needs of military applications. The product line-up includes high bright displays ranging from 6.5 inches to 19 inches, accompanied by display assembly options such as touchscreens, EMI shields, and optical bonding. Additionally, the portfolio features standard computing capabilities and key enhancements like conformal coating, anti-vibration fill, and wide temperature ranges.

Monitor Protection

In harsh operational environments, protecting electronic equipment is crucial. CDS ensures that their displays are equipped to endure harsh conditions, offering a range of monitor housing options. These options provide added protection against vibration and shock damage, safeguarding the longevity and reliability of the displays on naval vessels.

Optical Bonding

A standout feature in CDS high bright monitors is the application of optical bonding. This advanced process directly bonds a substrate, such as glass or polycarbonate, to the front of an LCD panel. The result is high-quality sharpness and vibrant colour reproduction. Optical bonding reduces light reflection on the surface by an impressive 99%, enhancing visibility and performance in challenging lighting conditions. This technique involves using a specially formulated optical compound to fill the air gap between the substrate and the LCD.


Crystal Display Systems’ commitment to excellence and their focus on meeting the unique requirements of military applications make them a trusted partner in providing high bright monitors for naval vessels. With a wealth of experience, a comprehensive product range, and cutting-edge technologies like optical bonding, CDS stands ready to contribute to the success of modern naval defence through superior display solutions.

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