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Please find below our wide range of Open Frame monitors and Touch Monitors at the bottom of the page.

These open frame ‘chassis’ products offer great benefits such as;

  • 6.5″ to 84″ available with up to 4K resolutions available
  • Long term stability of mechanical design with VGA, DVI, HDMI, Video etc interfaces
  • Various built in Touchscreen options with RS232 / USB communication optional (for touch)
  • Excellent design to optimise air flow / heat dissipation, and minimal footprint with fine finishing with good looking black powder coated chassis (option)
  • Standard VESA mounting monitors
  • Some larger panels have SMPS (power supply) built in for your ease of design-In.
  • High Bright sunlight readable monitors

Our Range of Open Frame Monitors;

Size (")BrightnessResolutionInputsRemarks
5.7" W400640x480VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 80°C
6.5" W400640x480VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 80°C
6.5" A500640x480VGAOpen Frame
7" W400800x480VGA
7" W400800x480VGA
7" W400800x480VGAWide Viewing Angle
7" W400800x480VGAWide Viewing Angle
7" W2001024x600VGA
7" A350800x480VGA/DVIPanel Mount
7" W350 1280x800VGAExtended Temperature -20 to 70°C
8.4" W350800x600VGAExtended Temperature -20 to 70°C
8.4" A200800x600VGA/DVIPanel Mount
8.4" A200800x600VGA/DVILow Cost Open Frame
9.7" W3501024x768VGA
9.7" A4201024X768VGA/DVI/DC2.0Panel Mount
9.7" W3501024x768VGA
10.4" NX400800x600VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR, 5 wire-Resistive Touch
Panel Mount
10.4" F3481024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With PCAP Touch
10.4" F3601024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame
10.4" F2881024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With 4W RTP Touch
10.4 W350800x600VGA
10.4" A1000800X600VGA/DVIPanel Mount
10.4" W350800x600VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 70°C
10.4" A1500800x600VGA/DVIOpen Frame
10.4" W3501024x768VGA
10.4" A300800x600VGA/DVILow Cost Open Frame
10.4"4001024x768VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 70°C
10.4" A230800x600VGA/DVI/DC2.0Open Frame with IR Touch
12" A400800x600VGA/DVIPanel Mount
12.1" NX400800x600VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR, 5 wire-Resistive touch, -30 to 80°C
Panel Mount
12.1" F4251024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With PCAP Touch
12.1 W250800X600VGA
12.1" F4501024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame
12.1 W350800x600VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 70°C
12.1" F3601024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With 5W RTP Touch
12.1" W3501024x768VGA
12.1" A400800x600VGA/DVILow Cost
12.1" W3501024x768VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 70°C
12.1" A5001024x768VGA/DVI/DC2.0Chassis mount
12.1"3501024x768VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 80°C
12.1" A400800x600VGA/DVIOpen Frame
14" A2501920x1080VGA/DVI/USBPCT Touch
15" NX3001024X768VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR, 5 wire-Resistive Touch
Panel Mount
15" A4001024X768VGA/DVIPCT Touch
15" A2501024X768VGA/DVI3M Capacitive Touch
15" A2501024X768VGA/DVI/USBResistive Touch
15" A2501024X768VGA/DVI/USBPCT Touch
15" F2171024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With PCAP Touch
15" F3481024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With PCAP Touch
15" F225/3601024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame
15" F180/2881024X768HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With 5W RTP Touch
15" A3501024x768VGA/DVIPanel Mount
15" W2501024x768VGA
15" A2501024x768VGA/DVILow Cost
15" W3501024x768VGAExtended Temperature -20 to 70°C
15" A3501024x768VGA/DVI/DC2.0/AudioChassis mount
15" A3501024x768VGAOpen Frame
17" NX2501280X1024VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR, 5 wire-Resistive Touch
Panel Mount
17" A2501280X1024VGA/DVISAW Touchscreen
17" A2501280X1024VGA/DVIPCT Touch
17" A3501280X1024VGA/DVIIR Touchscreen
17" A3001280X1024VGA/DVIIR Touchscreen
17" A2501280X1024VGA/DVIPanel Mount
17" A3001280x1024VGA/DVIOpen Frame
17" A2501280X1024VGA/DVI/Audio/DC 2.0Chassis mount
17" A3001280x1024VGA/DVILow Cost
17" A3001280x1024VGA/DVIResistive Touch
17" W2501280x1024VGA
17" A3501280x1024VGA/DVIIR Touchscreen
17" W3501280x1024VGAExtended Temperature -30 to 80°C
17" F2181280x1024HDMI/DVI/VGAOpen Frame With PCAP Touch
18.5" NX2501366x768VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR Touch
Panel Mount
18.5" A6001440x900VGA/DVICapacitive Touch
18.5" A2501366x768VGA/DVILow Cost
19" A2501280X1024VGA/DVISAW Touchscreen
19" A3501280X1024VGA/DVIPanel Mount
19" NX2501280X1024VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR, 5 wire-Resistive Touch
Panel Mount
19" A3501280X1024VGA/DVI/Audio/DC 2.0Chassis mount
19" A2501280x1024VGA/DVILow Cost
19" W2501280x1024VGA
19" A3501280x1024VGA/DVI3M Capacitive Touch
19" W3001280x1024VGAExtended Temperature -20 to 70°C
19" A2501280x1024VGA/DVICapacitive Touch
19" W3001280x1024VGAWide viewing angle

Extended Temperature -30 to 80°C
19" A3501280X1024VGA/DVIIR Touchscreen
19" w3001280x1024VGAWide viewing angle

Extended Temperature -20 to 70°C
19" A3501280X1024VGA/DVIOpen Frame
20.1" W3001600x1200VGA
21.3" W8002048x1536VGA
21.5" NX2501920x1080VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR, 5 wire-Resistive Touch
Panel Mount
21.5" A2501920x1080VGA/DVIResistive Touch
21.5" A3001920x1080VGA/DVIPCT Touch
21.5" A3001920x1080VGA/DVIPCT Touch
21.5" A2501920x1080VGA/DVIResistive Touch
21.5" A2501920x1080VGA/DVILow Cost
21.5" A3001920X1080VGA/DVI/HDMI/IPHONE3M Capacitive Touch
21.5" A3001680x1050VGA/DVIPanel Mount
22" A3001680x1050VGA/DVI/DC2.0/AudioChassis mount
22" A3001680x1050VGA/DVI/DC 2.0Low Cost
23" NX2501920x1080VGA/DVI/HDMI/DC 12V/ AUDIOIR Touch
Panel Mount
Slim Bezel
HiBrite option available
23.1" W4001600x1200VGA
24"A2501920X1080VGA/DVIChassis mount
26.5" W3001920x1920VGA
HiBrite option available
32" A10001920x1080VGA/DVI/AV/HDMI/DC 2.0Chassis mount
HiBrite option available
42" A4001920X1080VGA/DVI/AV/HDMI/S-Video/DC2.0Chassis mount
HiBrite option available
HiBrite option available
HiBrite option available

High Bright Options:

Size (")Bright. (cd)ResolutionInputs
7” L10001024x600VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
8.4” L1600800x600VGA, DVI-D
10.1” L10001024x600VGA
10.4” L10001024x768VGA, DVI-D
10.4” L1600/2000800x600VGA, DVI-D
10.4” L10001024x768VGA, DVI-D
10.4” L13001024x768VGA, DVI-D
12.1” L10001024x768VGA, DVI-D
12.1” L1600/20001024x768VGA, DVI-D
12.1” L16001024x768VGA, DVI-D
13.3” L10001280x800VGA, DVI-D
15” L10001024x768VGA, DVI-D
15” L10001024x768VGA
15” L16001024x768VGA, DVI-D
15.6” L14001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, DP
17” L10001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
17” L16001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
17” L16001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
18.5” L10001366x768VGA, DVI-D
18.5” L16001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
19” L10001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
19” L16001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
19” L16001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
19” L10001280x1024VGA, DVI-D
21.5” L16001920x1080VGA, DVI-D
21.5” L1200/16001920x1080DVI-I, DP/ VGA, DVI-D
21.5” L14001920x1080VGA, DVI-D
23” L10001920x1080VGA, DVI-D
23” L10001920x1080DVI-I, DP
24” L10001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
32” L1200/1800 1366x768VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
32” L10001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
42” L10001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
43” L1800 3840x2160VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
43” L25001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
55” L25001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
55” L14001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
55” L12001920x1080VGA, DVI-D, HDMI
65” L20003840x2160VGA, DVI-D, HDMI

Custom Options Available; 

We also have custom monitors with many options such as:

  • Front Bezel, Rack Mount, Panel, Mount enclosures
  • Touchscreen / Protective Glass
  • Integrated Media Player
  • Integrated PC
  • Custom inputs, IR sensor and more.

Example of one of the open frame design breakdown:

 open frame Monitor from CDS


Examples of open frame designs:

 open frame Monitor from CDS

 open frame Monitor from CDS

 open frame Monitor from CDS

 open frame Monitor from CDS





Touch Screen Monitors

All our monitors are available as interactive touch monitors utilising the touch technology of your choice including PCAP, resistive, capacitive, SAW (Sound Acoustic Wave) and I.R (Infra-Red).

This can be single, dual or multi touch with the possibilities of ultra wide viewing angle or hibrite as well as ruggedised vandal resistant options.

We also offer Customised touch monitors to meet your specific requirements which can be form fit and function copies of major branded monitors to save you money and utilise the latest technologies if required

Custom Monitor design and manufacture

CDS as well as its standard off the shelf monitor designs offers a custom design service with low prices and Minimum Order Quantity of only 100 pieces!

As you can see from the image below we have a strong quality orientated process to help ensure the highest quality and reliability to meet our customers’ strict requirements.  Should you have a custom monitor project or wish to discuss any monitor projects you may have please contact our technical sales team on the phone number of email below.












Our open frame monitor products also include: square monitors, widescreen monitors,  Transparent monitors, display showcases,  curved touch screen monitors, commercial monitors, IP65 and IP66 monitors, Digital Display screens, square computer monitors, Industrial LCD monitors, largest ultra wide monitor, touch overlay for monitors, large capacitive touchscreen monitors, kiosk screens, low cost touch screen monitors, weather proof IP66 monitors, one glass solutions, USB touchscreen monitors, low power LCD monitors, kiosk touch monitors, extra wide battery touchscreen monitors, LCD monitor, outdoor monitor screens, multitouch monitor, Dynascan monitors, outdoor digital screen displays, 3d holographic monitor, AUO  monitors, LVDS monitors, optical bonding monitors as well as optically bonded monitors, water resistant touch screen monitors, mini USB monitor touch, advertising monitors LCD, and 120hz LCD panel monitors.

Some other options and variations of the CDS Monitor range: Baanto touch screen monitors, medical monitors, Chi Mei LCD Monitor, 2 sided monitor, double sided monitor, square HDMI monitor, high brightness LED monitors, waterproof marine monitors, custom Gaming monitors, large square monitors, ultra-wide touch screen monitor, clear touch screen monitors, infrared touch screen monitor, interactive touchscreen monitor, touchscreen Gaming monitors, low cost gaming monitors, embedded monitors, commercial LCD Display Monitors, daylight readable monitors, high brightness monitors, video wall display monitors, waterproof touch screen monitors, dual touch screen monitors, battery operated monitors, open frame touch monitors, Samsung multi touch monitors, touch screen overlays for monitors, marine LCD Monitors, open frame LCD monitors, open frame touch screen monitors, USB Touch monitor, glass touch screen monitors, square LCD Monitors, portable touch monitors, and low cost monitors.

We have various sizes as you can see including:  10.4 open frame LCD monitors, 19 open frame monitors, monitor LCD 15 inch, 42 inch curved monitors, 42 inch touch screen monitor, 43 inch curved monitors, 42 LCD monitors, 84 inch monitors, 7 inch capacitive touch screen monitors, 10 inch USB Monitor, Samsung 46 monitor, 42 inch LCD Monitors, thin frame monitors, slimline monitors,  IP65 monitors, Samsung TFT monitors, 70 touch screen monitors, glass screen monitor, and 17.3 ich monitor.


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For more information on our Open Frame Monitors please email or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420.