Open Frame Monitors

Our range of cost effective Open Frame Monitors are perfect for integrating into your own enclosures.

Used in both retail and industrial applications, we offer a wide variety of sizes and options to give you the perfect solution.

Open frame monitors comprise of the LCD panel, LED driver,  interface board and all related cabling in a sturdy metal skeleton with many mounting options on the front and rear of the unit including VESA.

Sizes range from 5.7″ up to 65″ with touch screen options including Resistive, Capacitive, Infrared, PCAP and Zytronic ruggedised projected capacitive.

These open frame ‘chassis’ products offer great benefits such as

  • Long term stability of mechanical design
  • Including VGA, DVI, HDMI, Video etc interfaces
  • Fine finishing with good looking black powder coated chassis (option)
  • Various built in Touchscreen options
  • RS232 / USB communication optional (for touch)
  • Excellent design to optimise air flow / heat dissipation, and minimal footprint
  • Standard VESA mounting points
  • Some larger panels have SMPS (power supply) built in for your ease of design-In.

We can also customize the monitors with many options:

  • Front Bezel, Rack Mount, Panel ,Mount enclosures
  • Touchscreen / Protective Glass
  • Integrated Media Player
  • Integrated PC
  • Custom inputs, IR sensor and more.

Product Overview:

Standard 4:3

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight
5.7"MO-057-001-OF640 x 480400 cd/m² 800:1LED BLU
6.5"MO-065-001-OF640 x 480400 cd/m² 600:1LED BLU
8.4"MO-084-001-OF800 x 600350 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
9.7"MO-097-001-OF1024 x 768350 cd/m² 600:1LED BLU
10.4"- SVGAMO-104-001-OF800 x 600350 cd/m² 600:1LED BLU
12.1"- SVGAMO-121-001-OF800 x 600250 cd/m² 600:1LED BLU
12.1"- XGAMO-121-002-OF1024 x 768350 cd/m² 550:1LED BLU
15"- XGAMO-150-001-OF1024 x 768250 cd/m² 700:1LED BLU
17"MO-170-001-OF1280 x 1024250 cd/m² 800:1LED BLU
19"MO-190-001-OF1280 x 1024250 cd/m² 800:1LED BLU
21.3"MO-213-001-OF2048 x 1536800 cd/m² 1200:1LED BLU
23.1"MO-231-001-OF1600 x 1200400 cd/m² 600:1LED BLU

Widescreen 16:9

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight
7"MO-070W-001-OF800 x 480400 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
10.1"-WSVGAMO-101W-001-OF1024 x 600200 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
10.1"-WXGAMO-101W-002-OF1280 x 800200 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
10.1"-HDMO-101W-003-OF1366 x 768200 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
10.1"-WUXGAMO-101W-004-OF1920 x 1200350 cd/m² 600:1LED BLU
12.1"-WXGAMO-121W-001-OF1280 x 800350 cd/m² 350:1LED BLU
15.6"-HDMO-156W-001-OF1366 x 768200 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
15.6"-FHDMO-156W-002-OF1920x1080200 cd/m² 500:1LED BLU
17.3"-FHDMO-173W-001-OF1920 x 1080300 cd/m² 400:1LED BLU
18.5"-HDMO-185W-001-OF1366 x 768250 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
19"-WXGAMO-190W-001-OF1440 x 900250 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
21.5"-FHDMO-215W-001-OF1920 x 1080250 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
22"-WSXGAMO-220W-001-OF1680 x 1050250 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
24"-FHDMO-240W-001-OF1920 x 1080250 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
24"-WUXGAMO-240W-002-OF1920 x 1200300 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
27"-FHDMO-270W-001-OF1920 x 1080300 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
27"-QHDMO-270W-002-OF2560 x 1440350 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
32"-FHDMO-320W-001-OF1920 x 1080350 cd/m² 3000:1LED BLU
32"-QHDMO-320W-002-OF2560 x 1440350 cd/m² 1000:1LED BLU
42"-FHDMO-420W-001-OF1920 x 1080350 cd/m² 3000:1LED BLU
46"-FHDMO-460W-001-OF1920 x 1080350 cd/m² 3000:1LED BLU
50"-FHDMO-500W-001-OF1920 x 1080350 cd/m² 3000:1LED BLU
55"-FHDMO-550W-001-OF1920 x 1080350 cd/m² 3000:1LED BLU
65"-FHDMO-650W-001-OF1920 x 1080350 cd/m² 3000:1LED BLU

For more information on our Open Frame Monitors please contact us.