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49 inch icevue fridge

Transparent Fridges 49 inch icevue fridge









Crystal Displays has utilised its expertise and experience with Transparent technologies to promote its Digital Transparent Refrigerators (coolers) to offer brands an amazing and unique way of highlighting and promoting its brand message.

The IceVue Transparent LCD refrigerators consist of 4 models, a smaller 24″ and 27″ version for bar top advertising and space critical applications, a slightly larger 32″ and a full size 49″ floor standing equivalent.

The electronics are all industrial grade components including professional advertising displays for optimum reliability and visual quality.

This exciting range is opening up a lot of new opportunities for bars, restaurants, gyms, leisure centres, health clubs, hotels and more.

Diagonal SizePart Number ResolutionDimensions (mm)WeightInternal temp.
24"IV240V11920 x 1200430 x 370 x 60830 kg0 - 10 °C
27"IV270V11920 x 1200480 x 550 x 78545 kg0 - 10 °C
32"IV320V11920 x 1200500 x 500 x 90065 kg0 - 10 °C
49"IV490VG1920 x 10801861 x 730 x 773115 kg 0 - 10 °C

24″, 27″ and 32″

CDS Transparent Fridge Displays
With an internal Android Media Player content can be simply uploaded via USB drive or we can also include a HDMI input if required.

These units are now in full production and we are ready to start rolling the products out to a number of clients.

General Overview;

  • Transparent LCD display coolers
  • Commercial grade network media player
  • Lockable (optional)
  • 1920 x 1080
  • Self-closing glass door
  • Black in colour as standard

49″49 fridge Perspective fridge

The IV490VG is the latest addition to our IceVue range.

Produced from the ground up as a transparent Refrigerator product this new model has several new features which l vastly improve on the appearance and functionality

  • Hybrid TLCD panel switches from Full transparent to Semi-transparent via a proximity Sensor. This gives greater impact at a distance with higher contrast content, whilst delivering the transparent content as you approach the fridge
  • TLCD panel is optically bonded to the front glass, improving contrast and removing glare
  • IPS M+ panel has an additional WHITE Pixel (RGBW) which creates a brighter and more vivid image, whilst delivering maximum transparency
  • Built in USB media player (Networked option available)
  • Rich embedded sound (2x10W)

This new product is now available, with short lead-time and at a very competitive price

Contact us to discuss your requirements!

Here is a video example of the smaller 24″ bartop unit in action:

For more information on our Transparent LCD refrigerators including pricing and datasheets please contact us.

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