Another use of Digital Signage – Internal Communication

Digital signage doesn’t have to just be used to advertise products and services, there are many other uses.

Communication boards within businesses is one idea which has taken off. Effective Internal Communication can keep employees motivated and engaged with their work and no workplace is immune to the benefits, from businesses, factories, retail shops, schools and public sector buildings.

Bulletin boards and mass emails to everyone are outdated. Having a dialogue with staff can now be streamlined into just one source thanks to a new strategy for HR departments by using Digital Signage screens to communicate with their staff.

There are lots of different applications for office / work based Digital Signage;

  • Showing general announcements to presenting a new corporate video
  • Re-active to current events with real time publishing features
  • Showcasing targeted messages to make an employee not just feel like an audience member but an active participating member of a team
  • Key Performance Indicators and real time safety records
  • League table of who was performing best in the sales team – encourage team members to perform even better
  • Factories could show how many days since an accident had occurred to promote its value and focus on safety

Our digital signage products present such a good range of solutions for communication; it can scale to any size organisation thanks to its networking capabilities.

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