Before Making a Purchase – Digital Signage

If you have decided that a Digital Signage solution is beneficial for your business then there are 3 things that CDS suggest you think about before making a purchase;

1. Whether you need a plug and play screen or a networked screen?

There is the big misconception that a plug and play screen is the most basic screen there is and can only do minimal tasks. This is simply not true.

If you only require one screen then generally a plug and play signage solution is for you. A network screen is only really needed if you have multiple screens across different locations.

The difference between the screens is in how content is uploaded and at what speed.

Scheduling software is available with either type of display, so do not feel like that is just limited to a network solution. Plug and Play screens can also be easily upgraded to a network so you are ready for the future with your display.

2. Price?

When looking at the Digital Signage market, price might have to be the be all and end all of your decision making.

But to just consider the price of the screen above all else is wrong in our opinion as you have to consider the whole package of what you are getting instead.

Is the screen fit for purpose? Does the screen you are buying have its own mounting solution? And just how easy is it to upgrade? These are questions you should ask whoever you buy a Digital Signage display from.

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3. Purpose?

So once you have taken the plunge and made a purchase you want to make sure you totally understand what to do once the screen arrives and has been installed.

You may already have content ready to go and the company who you buy from may offer to help create content for your screens.

It is very easy though to design your own content without the need for expensive design software. You can do this by using PowerPoint so don’t feel like you cannot take charge of what content goes on your screen.

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