BOE goes into Production with the World’s First G10.5 TFT-LCD Line

BOE goes into Production with the World’s First G10.5 TFT-LCD Line Creating New Milestone in the Global Displays Industry.

CDS now working with and supporting BOE TFT LCDs in the UK and Europe is pleased to announce BOE now has its Gen 10.5 TFT-LCD production line up and running in Hefei. At amazing speed, it hasn’t been long since the mass production of China’s first BOE Chengdu Gen 6 flexible AMOLED production line, marking another new milestone in the global display industry. Not only does this mean that the year 2018 will become the first year of 8k Displays, but it also marks China’s leading position in the global display sphere.

The Gen 10.5 line that BOE built in Hefei in 2015, is the world’s highest generation line and the first Gen 10.5 production line with a design capacity of 120,000 pieces of glass substrates a month. At its Hefei Gen 10.5 TFT-LCD production line products delivery ceremony, BOE delivered large-size, ultra-high-definition displays, such as 75-inch 8K 60Hz and 120Hz displays to its blue chip clients.

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Technically, the Gen 10.5 production line has exceeded any previous LCD production line in terms of the difficulty in product design and development, process technology, technical control, and so on. Its intelligence and core process technologies have all reached the highest levels of the industry, setting new standards of the highest generation line in the industry.

Ultra-high-definition displays of large sizes have become the trend in today’s industry. According to IHS predictions, 8K-panel markets in the five years to come will see a CAGR of 111%, with an 8K market penetration rate up to 25% among 60-inch and larger display panels. Global display manufacturers, with an eye for 8K broadcasting opportunities to be brought by the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 are moving towards 8K, which will spark a growth surge in the industry.

As a global leading semiconductor display manufacturer, BOE has introduced a “8425 Strategy”, which means “Promoting 8K, popularizing 4K, replacing 2K, and making effective use of 5G”. With the 5G age being around the corner, BOE will not only solve the “display” issue but help to drive the development of the entire industry chain.

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