CDS Guide to Buying a TFT LCD Display

CDS Guide to Buying a TFT LCD Display (or even an Electroluminescent Extended Temperature Display)

Many of you will know what you want or want to look for when designing in or choosing your Display but we thought we would just put together quick overview refresher, but also for new engineers / designers and others this could also be a great resource.  If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

First question does it need to be a Custom display or will a Standard Display suffice?

Standard, partially custom, or custom made, we can provide it all at CDS but consider any minimum order quantity and NRE costs which are required for a custom TFT display solution.

But to support our customers first we need to understand the following critical information as to the application and requirements below to ensure the customer receives the correct solution:

  1. Location – Will the TFT displays be used indoors or outdoors? For each location, other specifications are important. Consult your product specialist to check which solution fits best.
  2. Size – There are many different display sizes. Do you need small, medium or large displays? It’s important to know exactly which dimensions are needed for your application.
  3. Resolution – Most displays have a standard resolution at which the images are the sharpest. If desired this resolution can be scaled.  What resolution do you need?
  4. Brightness & Backlight – Clarity of a display depends on its resolution and backlight. Ambient light also affects the clarity and readability.
  5. Interface – There are several types of interfaces available. Standard interfaces, TTL or LVDS. Together with our customers, we check what best suits the application.
  6. Contrast & Viewing angle – Depending on the application, you can determine which level of contrast you need and which viewing angles are important for the application.
  7. Temperature – Where the display is used is important for the temperature determination. For example, a display used in a cooling cell must be able to cope with severe cold.
  8. Active Area – A TFT display has an edge around the active area. In this area no image is showed. So it’s important to determine the size of the active area in advance.
  9. Availability – Do you need the same display for the next few years. Or do you need the display once for a large production? The availability is different for each display. Our product specialist is happy to tell you more about it.
  10. Miscellaneous – Other information depending on the specific application and requirement s will be needed and will be discussed with the customer.

Please check out our TFT Manufacturers list here 

If you would like more information or have a project you would like our technical sales team to help you with then please email us at or call our +44 (0) 1634 327 420 and we will support you in every way we can.