"CDS offers AUO 19" TFT for extreme temperatures"


Crystal Displays is pleased to announce a new addition to its TFT LCD range.

AUO has introduced the G190ETN01.2 a 19″ TFT with a very wide temperature range of -30 to +80 ° C that is ideal for use in extreme temperature-controlled environments. The display has SXGA resolution (1280×1024), brightness of 350cd / m² and the LED driver for the LED backlight  is already integrated into the panel.

The G190ETN01.2 is neither mechanically nor pin-compatible to the AUO G190EG0x family but is available as a high quality VGA / DVI / or HDMI kit for Crystal Displays if required.
For further technical details please refer to the data sheet or contact us at info@crystal-display.com .


Samples are available now.

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