Crystal Display Systems is Appointed Lumineq UK Distributor

Crystal Display Systems (CDS) attends Beneq’s European Distributor as the only UK representative introducing the latest industrial displays and transparent technologies and demonstrating some of the most rugged display solutions available in the market today.

Lumineq® TASEL® displays are the most transparent displays in the world. They are the only transparent displays on the market you really can see through. It makes them ideal for high-end applications, where aesthetics and a first-class viewing experience create differentiation. They are also, thanks to their ruggedness, very suitable for applications including wear and tear, as well as harsh ambient conditions.

beneq lumineq transparent displays

Transparent displays improve ergonomics of cockpits and driver environments of work vehicles. The amount of information, signals, displays and meters shown to operators of large vehicles, trains and trams is constantly increasing. Laminating transparent displays in the windshield and side windows reduces clutter in the cockpit and allows clearer view of the surroundings.

Lumineq Tasel Transparent

Lumineq embedded TFEL displays are rugged and reliable. Durability is proven by surviving up to 200 g-force shock and a staggering 250,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) for the display glass. TFEL displays are capable of instant-on performance from -60 °C to +105 °C (from -76 °F to +221 °F), with instant pixel response over the entire temperature range, and no motion blur. Lumineq displays also offer full sunlight readability and extremely wide viewing angles in all conditions.

As the sole UK company and representative at the conference CDS is introducing/ marketing and bringing the latest technologies and display to market to give UK companies the latest information and solutions to the UK and European market.

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