Do you need a custom Transparent showcase?

Don’t fret, we can build to your design 🙂

Got a particular enquiry for a custom build? Look no further and ask us today.

We can modify our standard range to fit your project or we can create a completely bespoke solution for you.

Have we managed to spark your interest? We also have an amazing standard range which multiple sizes Transparent LCD Showcase Displays with many options such as colours, touch options, stretched etc.

For our full range of Transparent Displays please click here

We can offer a wide range of transparent displays including;

  • Transparent LCD component kits
  • Transparent LCD showcases
  • Transparent LED glass
  • Transparent Stretched LCD
  • Transparent Stretched LCD showcases

Need some inspiration? Why not check out our transparent case study page

Or to simply find out more information and request data sheets and pricing contact the team via email or call our UK main office +44 (0) 1634 327420