Improved Transparency for Digital LED Posters

Our transparent LED poster displays are even more impressive with improved transparency and brightness at no extra cost to our customers!

The transparency of our transparent digital posters is now 70% with 4500-5000 nits brightness.

As well as this of course they still have the below amazing features and benefits;

  • light weight
  • easy set-up/install as well as maintenance
  • energy efficient
  • unparalleled transparency
  • stable performance
  • central control
  • cost effective


They are increasingly popular as they do not block retail windows but instead allow light into the shops whilst promoting on the displays at the same time.

As well as this the unbeatable central control means that our displays can read almost any video or image content format such as; jpg, jpg, png, mov, wmv, mp4, etc.

You can remotely control, monitor and update content from a control server ensuring communication to your customers is instant and synchronized across multiple locations and across multiple displays.

tglass central management

For more details about these amazing transparent LED displays please visit our Transparent LED glass page 

Pricing, drawings and data sheets are all available for our transparent LED displays, please ask for more details!

Don’t forget, we have other options for our TGLASS displays other than these posters and they are completely customisable and so if you have a specific size space or window to fill just let us know and we can send you a proposal.

We have many pixel pitch options with wide viewing distances so a large scale transparent display may be a lot lower cost than you originally thought!

For more information on our Transparent LED products or our transparent display products please contact us via email  or simply call our UK office on +44(0)1634 327420.