Liquid Optical Bonding VS Dry Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a process which attaches the touch panel directly to the LCD, filling a small air gap between the front of the display and the back of the touch panel.

The reason you would chooses optical bond is because it is easier to read the display through the overlay, especially in sunlight, and is to make the LCD assembly more rugged.

The difference between the two Optical Bonding techniques is that Liquid Optical Bonding uses UV radiation while Dry Optical Bonding uses heat and pressure.

In regards to the Optical Bonding Assembly process, there is not much difference between the two.

The main aspects that would need to be considered would be the cost of equipment, time needed for manufacturing, cost of materials, damage that can be caused to the LCD, design of the overlay, and the ability to rework parts with blemishes.

This means that there would be a difference depending on the manufacturer that undertakes the optical bonding process.

This is because they would price the displays differently compared to other manufacturers, the time they take to undertake this process and the overall quality of the assembly would all be different compared to others.

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