Mitsubishi Industrial TFT panels

Crystal Displays offers an extensive range of colour TFT displays from 1.7″ through the popular 3.5″ and 5.7″ to 82″, plus sunlight readable panels.

Further to the recent termination of the agreement between Mitsubishi Electric and Optrex, Crystal Displays can supply many Optrex industrial TFT modules direct from Mitsubishi.  Just give us the Optrex part number and we will Cross reference and give you an excellent price and delivery.

TFT modules are fully supported with a variety of options including wide operating temperatures, high brightness and contrast, built-in DC-DC and temperature compensation circuitry and most with white LED backlights. Resistive Touchscreens and Projected Capacitive Touchscreens are available for most models.

Our comprehensive range of fully sunlight-readable, transflective panels from 5.6″ to 70″ is perfect for outdoor applications. Panels can be configured as a kit – please see our TFT LCD Kits with and without touch screens.

As you see our range also features touch screen kits and industrial monitors with touch.

If your specification or size is not listed, please contact us with your exact requirement.

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