NEW: Compact 5 inch TFT display with Projective capacitive touch screen

Crystal Display Systems Ltd introduces the GKTW50SCCH3R0 display from Taiwanese manufacturer SGD, which is a compact 5 inch Wide VGA resolution TFT display with integrated projective capacitive touch panel.

This amorphous silicon TFT has a resolution of 800 (H) x3 x480 (V) pixels and supports 8 bits per pixel ( 24 bit colour). Fitted with the latest LED backlight technology the panel has a screen brightness of 600cd/m.

The 5 inch panel has an active area of 108(H)mm x 64.8 (V)mm and an overall dimensions of just 120.8(H)mm x 64.8(V)mm x 4.6 (T)mm making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

The Capacitive Touch is based on a 1.2mm glass substrate and features an I2C interface. Operating temperature’s for the complete assembly are -20C to +70C with a storage temperature of -30C to 80C.

This bright high contrast display system is ideal for wall mounted controller applications, where ambient light levels can be quite high, small HMI devices and machine controllers would also be served well by this panel.

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