Premium Transparent Displays and Displays in Window Glass

“WOW- LOOK AT THAT DISPLAY” -Do you want to get this reaction?

Then why not check out Beneq’s Lumineq customised transparent displays?

The thin, durable and transparent Lumineq displays are well-suited for a wide variety of speciality display applications.

Bizarre, innovative designs with transparency requirements which seemed impossible before can now be turned into reality.

Unique, Layered See-Through Experience 

Lumineq customised transparent displays are frameless display glasses without a bezel – so when turned off, they look just like a piece of glass with some electronics attached to the side.

The fact that the Lumineq displays are thin and as clear as glass enables modern design options where several display and light components can work simultaneously on top of each other, providing a unique see-through user experience.

The optical clarity of the Lumineq displays lets the foundation material shine through, and the display itself can be covered with a variety of materials.

The coating options are almost indefinite: Use speciality glass for lightweight solutions and resistance against scratches and wear, and special coatings for increased hygiene, anti-reflective finishes, or glass strengthening and damage resistance.

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