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The CDS range of high reliability industrial Monitors, square monitors and Open Frame LCD Monitors, LCD screens (halo screens), curved LCDs,  and touch monitors is a versatile and cost-effective range proving the highest quality for OEMs and integrators seeking a display to integrate into their application. This range has many advantages including the flexibility to house these inside your own enclosure and to help with mounting there are also flange mount solutions as well as back end VESA mounts to give significant flexible touch monitor solutions. 

Crystal Display systems (CDS) can supply open frame LCD displays and curved LCDs from leading manufacturers who offers a wide range of display sizes (10” to 55”), resolutions and brightness levels, side lit Halo LEDS, curved LCDs and interactive touch and non-touch options. CDS Open-Frame LCD monitors are designed for a wide range of special mounting applications whether it be with capacitive touchscreens or without a front overlay. The slim profile packaging provides an excellent solution for building into Casinos, kiosks, or control panels etc. 

The open frame design allows you to seamlessly integrate a display into your design with a wide selection of options like glass, touch, controller and mounting we can customise a bespoke monitor including curved LCDs to fit your specific application. If you cannot find an off the shelf solution, contact us today about designing a custom solution to fit your exact needs. With our high standard industrial Monitors, Halo screens, curved LCDs, Customised Touch Monitors and square monitors we have a solution for you. You also get direct access to the CDS engineering and Research & Development (R & D) time and this direct access to our engineers helps build strong partnerships with our customers.

For more touch monitors please click: Open Frame Monitors (halo screens) 

Rear Mount Series

SizePart NoResolutionBrightnessNotes
10.1CDS-RTL1061280 x 800350 nits
21.5CDS-RTL2261920 x 1080250 nits
21.5CDS-RBL226-OB1920 x 1080250 nitsOptically Bonded
23.8CDS-RTL2461920 x 1080250 nits
27CDS-RTL2761920 x 1080300 nits
27CDS-RBL276-OB1920 x 1080300 nitsOptically Bonded
32CDS-RTL3261920 x 1080500 nits

Open Frame Series

SizePart NoResolutionBrightnessNotes
10.1CDS-OTL1011280 x 800500 nits
15CDS-OTL1531024 x 768420 nits
17CDS-OTL1731280 x 1024250 nits
19CDS-OTL1931280 x 1024250 nits
21.5CDS-OTL22W1920 x 1080250 nits
21.5CDS-OSL2231920 x 10801500 nitsHigh Bright
23.8CDS-OTL2461920 x 1080500 nits
27CDS-OTL2751920 x 1080300 nits
32CDS-OTL3261920 x 1080400 nits
32CDS-OSL3231920 x 10801200 nitsHigh Bright
43CDS-OTL4361920 x 1080400 nits

Closed Frame Series

SizePart NoResolutionBrightnessNotes
10.1CDS-OTL1011280 x 800500 nits
15CDS-OTL1551024 x 768350 nits
15.6CDS-OBL1551920 x 1080220 nits
17CDS-OTL1751280 x 1024250 nits
19CDS-OTL1951280 x 1024250 nits
19.5CDS-OTL2051920 x 1080250 nits
21.5CDS-OTL22W1920 x 1080250 nits
21.5CDS-OBL2281920 x 1080250 nits
27CDS-OTL2751920 x 1080300 nits
32CDS-OTL3251920 x 1080500 nits
43CDS-OTL4353840 x 2160500 nits
55CDS-OTL5553840 x 2160800 nits

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