The ‘BIG BEAST’ has Arrived – New Transparent 86” Multitouch

The ‘BIG BEAST’ has Arrived – New Transparent 86” Multitouch Display is the Largest Transparent in the World!

Yes that is correct 86”!

Many told you that 84” was the largest but  CDS has now taken this to the next level with the 86”.

You may remember Samsung and then LG produced and supplied Transparent displays but then many of them were made End Of Life whereas CDS has  expanded its range as far as the number of sizes and formats BUT also as in this case the largest size available!

Previously CDS developed the 84” which in portrait mode there was enough room for life-sized mannequin (such as the NBA Display at the Nike store in NYC that you can see here:, which this massive see-through touch screen met the demands of the market for a turnkey solution to show off new large products etc.

The CDS Transparent displays are still growing in popularity, because they are minimalist attention-grabbers in high traffic locations but also more and more brands realise the high quality and reliability of the CDS displays and re therefore designing them into more and more unique applications.

All CDS Transparent displays are available with Multi-Touch.  This is the only display technology that has the true ability to turn heads and engage customers, and is perfect for museums, exhibition stands, and all retail environments or corporate meeting rooms or reception areas.

It boasts 15% transparency, Ultra-HD resolution (4K ) and superior colour Gamut, and contrast that really create and achieve that all important WOW Factor!

But if for our clients projects bigger isn’t necessarily better or they have a smaller budget then we have lower cost options available in sizes from 10” including 21.5”, 27”, 32”, 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 70” and 75” as well as the 86”  “BIG BEAST” the current Transparent king of the jungle!

If these displays are of interest to you and your company, please contact us!

Or to simply find out more information about this product please visit and to request data sheets please contact the team via email or call the UK main office +44 (0) 1634 327420.