How did this happen?

The Global Display Chip Shortage is creating a lot of frustration and stress right now. It is no secret that a serious and significant imbalance between supply and demand exists right now for industrial displays, touchscreens, and computing hardware products, and it is almost impossible to accurately forecast when it will end and when the market will recover. It is well known that the market will probably have 6-12 months of these issues, as the demand will remain high and so the supply chain will remain constrained.

The causes of IC shortages are varied and include issues of fires and floods in factories, market factors, the closing down of manufacturing facilities due top COVID-19 and its variants. There are also significant shortages of shipping containers and airflights to deliver goods affecting many products including display chips, computers, audio chips, CPUs, memory, storage, ethernet chips, and various other components. The situation has obviously impacted component costs and delivery lead times, leaving many manufacturers to deal with these extended lead-times, higher costs, and delayed projects.


This Global Display Chip Shortage situation will change but what can CDS do to help you?

Well, through our global network of warehouses and contacts we can source products that other companies may not be able to do. In addition to this, once we have orders in our system, we can put pressure on and use our influence to get your products more quickly than other companies can. To be able to do this, we need to receive your orders and get them into the factory manufacturing plans and forecasts. Obviously if you can place your orders as early as possible or earlier than you would do normally this will help us to try and meet your delivery requirements.

We appreciate that some of these requirements are not normal or desired, but CDS can only give you an honest representation of the market conditions and propose the best solutions to help avoid any unnecessary delays.  It is all about partnership and we want to partner and help you whenever you need us, and we wish you the best of luck in this difficult time.

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