Designed as an all-in-one, this flexible tablet combines commercial grade quality with a powerful processor and POE. 

What is it?

Nebula Plus is designed to be used across the globe for rigorous use in continuous public use from fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalog, employee access control, corporate check in, voice controlled self-ordering, virtual hotel check in, point of sale, telehealth, self-service, industrial controls to access control. It is not a consumer tablet but instead engineered for commercial environments.

A license free kiosk lockdown app is installed in Nebula Plus, STAROS. Together with Star Control MDM Solution which allows you to deploy and securely manage your entire network of Android powered Glory Star devices from anywhere in the world.

  • SDKs and demo APKs – GloryStar understand the importance of customers controlling their own hardware with their own software. Nebula PLUS is a total solution for developers providing SDKs. An unbeatable support is offered for global enterprise customers with SDKs and demo APKs to deliver an android in a secure and commercial platform.
  • Modular and flexible – There is an assortment of different peripherals that can be added to the Nebula Plus “plug-and-play style”. With USB-C slots on each edge, ultimate flexibility is offered to connect any external parts to any side preferred. Including barcodes readers, RFID, LED light strips and a camera, allowing the touch tablet to become a solution for different industries and applications.
  • Star Control – Mobile Device Management offering a secure platform that provides visibility and management over your entire network of android-powered tablets and kiosks – from anywhere.

Even more reasons to pick the Nebula PLUS

  • Seamlessly bonded panel for high clarity and curved glassed for an aesthetically pleasing tablet
  • 500 nit high brightness panel with ambient and proximity sensors
  • License-free lockdown app included
  • Optional camera module, equipped with High Dynamic Range for the ultimate video experience
  • Equipped with the latest dual MIC with echo cancellation algorithm for crystal clear calls
  • Universal mounting system allowing for easy installation on the shelf, desk, or wall.

Android Mobile Control and Visibility to all devices.

Star Control Mobile Device Management is a secure platform that provides visibility and management over your entire network of Android -powered tablets and kiosks- from anywhere. Star Control Mobile Device Management solution lets you manage the apps being installed or removed on devices, deploy content, monitor, configure and maintain the basic settings and setup devices for reducing operating costs. Simply push your apps and responsive websites via the Star Control MDM Mobile Device Management Platform.

  • Visibility of all your devices
  • Ease of deployment and scalability
  • Lockdown Android kiosk browsers, websites, and apps to secure public use screens

Android Mobile Control and Visibility to all devices.

Maybe your game needs the helping hand of an industrial designed, commercial tablet that will not let you down in vigorous play?

We got you! CDS are bringing two examples of our enterprise tablets range from our incredible partner, Glorystar.

Two tablets to play with on our stand including our android-based Nebula and the impressive Jarvis meeting room tablet with, you guessed it, LED flashing lights!

Powerful and durable tablets which are built to last with 10 points of touch, flexible mounting options, optional PoE, API third party integration, 4G, and more.

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