Wide Range of ARM Based HMI Products and Services

CDS and Garz Fricke offer a wide range of ARM Based HMI Products and services that add value to customer operations.

The range of Garz & Fricke HMI products promoted by CDS in the UK has recently been expanded based largely around customer requests and specific market requirements, which means there is a greater chance CDS will have an ideal ARM based embedded HMI solution.  But also if it is not quite right for your application we can create a semi-custom or full custom solution depending on your needs!

The new products include:

  • lower cost ARM based single board computers with same size (Form Fit and function) footprint as the previous version!  Some boards are already available for 10 years! So if you are looking for guaranteed long term availability you are in the right place.
  • A range of customized solutions.
  • Vending machine controllers for intelligent vending, which can include payment and telemetry solutions.
  • Low cost standard HMI solutions beginning at 7”.
  • Custom cover glasses including colour, size, and incorporated logos.

cds embedded systems

CDS and Garz Fricke work closely with our clients to make the process for you as the customer so much easier so you can go from concept or design

to market in a very short space of time. But also you get full hardware and software support post sales as well as any future customization you may require.

That is full total solution support!

As you can see below from CDS and Garz Fricke you are going to receive the optimum product and support system.

Therefore, just contact us to simply discuss your idea, concept or design if it needs an ARM based embedded touchscreen or HMI solution so we

can look at how we can best support you in every way we can.

cds expectations

For more information on our ARM based embedded solutions please click here!

To take a further look at our embedded product please visit https://crystal-display.com/category-embedded/ 

Or to speak to the team about a specific project please contact us via email or call +44 (0) 1634 327420.