Advantages of the New USB Touch Monitors

CDS have launched a new range of USB Touch Monitor Displays which are very impressive, small monitors.

If you want an additional monitor the simple advantages of our USB Touch Monitors are;

  • easy to use; simply plug in one USB cable
  • no need for extra hardware components
  • user friendly, low maintenance, low power consumption
  • lower costs as no add ons
  • feels very much like a traditional monitor whist providing “plug ‘n’ play” display simplicity
  • Expand-ability – add up to 6 more screens under standard windows
  • no additional graphics cards needed
  • simply install a driver onto your computer and you are ready to go
  • fully integrated monitors with sleek modern design with stand
  • raspberry Pi compatibility as well as Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Android support
  • no power supply needed like traditional touch displays
  • no interference unlike some VGA cables
  • very secure solution where security of information is critical
  • significant power savings
  • use 1 computer for multiple users

To take a closer look at why you should choose the USB Touch Monitor Displays take a look at the here

For more information on our new USB touch monitor range please contact us via email or simply call our UK office on +44(0)1634 327420