CDS Introduce Lumineq TFEL Displays to their Range

CDS introduces Lumineq® Displays (a business unit of Beneq), the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays.

CDS are promoting the TFEL non-transparent and transparent displays as well as custom build designs.

Lumineq TFEL non-transparent displays are used in mining, marine, military, medical and many more demanding environments. TFEL displays are robust and reliable, and usually used in extreme environments, where traditional displays cannot cope with the conditions.

Lumineq transparent TASEL® displays combine the rugged and reliable build of TFELs with the unique freedom of designing a completely transparent display. TASEL is ideal for consumer electronics, architectural use and other fields where viewing experience and product aesthetics is of paramount importance.

For more information please visit our Beneq’s Electroluminescent Displays webpage 

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