EOL Samsung OM24E – We Have the Best Replacements for you

CDS come to the rescue again for EOL high brightness displays. Just recently the 24 inch OM24E Samsung high bright display has gone end of life.

Have you designed-in this product? Or looking for a similar display for future projects?

Please do not worry, here at CDS we have a wide range of high bright displays and we can help you with your situation.

We have a few options for replacing the 24 inch high bright as below;

  • 24 inch panel and kit or fully enclosed monitor with 1,000 nits – there are 3 versions of this model dependent on project and application
  • 23 inch panel and kit or fully enclosed monitor with 1,500 nits

To check out the full range of high brightness monitors please visit https://crystal-display.com/products/high-brightness-monitors/

Or are you more interested in panel only and kits for integration? Click here if so 🙂 

Or to simply find out more information and request data sheets and pricing contact the team via email or call our UK main office +44 (0) 1634 327420