Is Digital Signage Worth the Investment and how can Retailers use it?

Mixing physical shopping with a digital edge has been seen to be the way forward in the modern age.

However this cutting edge movement doesn’t come cheap – are the costs worth the investment?

Main usage that retailers can benefit from by installing digital signage; 

  • You can attract passers-by with high brightness displays in the shop window. This is a way of bringing in more traffic that may not have usually stopped to look. You are literally stopping people in their tracks.
  • Tell the story of your brand – with print there’s only so much you can say. With digital it opens up a much larger opportunity to create looping content – with more information and details so you can really tell and sell your company/brand. More room to show off 😉
  • Share more product information and upsell – with digital signage you have the chance to give customers more information and the possibility to even pair products with similar products to enhance the product of interest.
  • Mix you on-line digital marketing with your in-store experience – with a digital signage display you can link to your website for customers to browse.

Please see below some amazing examples of digital signage in store;

Stretched In-Store Advertising Displays – get the message across and save space! 

CDS stretched displays installs

Transparent LCD Displays to offer an amazing eye-catching display 

transparent NBA install

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