The Latest Updates for our PCAP Touch Foils

Incredible PCAP touch foils are something to shout about – did you know they can turn any surface or display into a touch interactive station?

There are a few different versions to choose from depending on application. Our range of skins can account for up to 100 finger touches with a 5ms touch response rate.

They are customisable in size from 20” to 105” and are resistant to liquids, dust, ice and UV with no deformation over time.

Not only this, they’ve just got even more amazing with a few innovations.

Check out the latest updates for our PCAP touch foils;

  • Stretched foils
  • Round foils
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Object recognition
  • Advanced calibration via Displax Connect

stretched pcap touch foils


To check out our full range of PCAP Touch Foils 

Or if you are looking for specialist displays that you could make touch interactive why not check out our stretched LCD displays.

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