The Market for ARM-Based Computers in the UK

CDS in partnership with the German embedded specialist company Garz & Fricke have introduced its ARM based SBCs with semi customised TFT displays.

The boards and drivers are specified with standard TFT modules, but CDS and G+F can customise the base design to meet the requirements of the customer and each project.

This can include toughened glass, thicker glass, custom cover lens with logo etc., extended cover lenses, buttons and other features.

CDS will also sell standard products, including full turnkey HMI’s as well as custom HMI’s for retail, kiosk applications and other applications.

Garz & Fricke, believes CDS can help build a strong presence for the excellent G+F products in the UK market, including the excellent long term availability and functionality.

Under the agreement, CDS will sell and support Garz & Fricke embedded computing platforms in Computer-on-Module and SBCs based on ARM9, ARM11 and ARM Cortex-A8 architectures.

Open frame or cased HMI with the SBC is pre-integrated with a compatible 4.3 – 10.4-inch P-CAP touch display will also be available in the UK.

Chris Bartram, Managing Director at CDS commented: “Garz & Fricke has some of the most advanced and reliable products available with high quality SBC’s and HMI’s based on the ARM architecture, supported by an outstanding engineering support team and software to give our customers the total solution and peace of mind.”

For our product and service overview for our ARM based HMI embedded PC / panel PC solutions please go to:

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