Touch Panels Integrated Directly on the TFT LCD Panel from CDS

As well as AUOs prominent TFT LCD panels, the Taiwanese manufacturer is increasingly focusing on PCAP touch panels, which are manufactured on TFT lines and integrated onto their TFT panels.

The touch panel portfolio includes diagonals from 5 “to 32”.

AUO offers three different superstructures and one differentiates between the following options:

  • GG = Glass / Glass;
  • OGS = One Glass Solution; and
  • OTP = On-cell Touch.

All touch panels have an integrated touch controller.

Under GG = Glass / Glass construction, AUO understands the use of a single ITO glass and a bonded front glass with a thickness of 1.8 mm. Higher transmission and thinner edges are glass / glass construction give GG advantages compared to the conventional glass / film / film = G / F / F design that many touch panel manufacturers use.

OGS is often used for smaller diagonals from 5 “to 10.1”. Here, only one glass is used which includes both the function of the touch panel, i.e. also as a cover glass with printing.

The next major innovation is OTP = On-Cell-Touch. The touch sensor (ITO pattern) is applied to the colour filter in the TFT display!  The touch panel function is completely integrated into the TFT and is not visible from the outside.

An example of this technology is the AUO G150XTK01.x which has:

  • TFT G150XTN06 with integrated On Cell Touch
  • Brightness 300 cd
  • Temperature range -30 + 85 ° C
  • 50 k hrs. LED life time

For more information on our LCD TFT range with and without touch as well as our touch and non-touch monitors please email us at or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420.

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