WOW – Look at that Transparent Display!

Do you want customers, users and passers-by to have this reaction when coming across your displays?

Of course you do, who doesn’t.

So why not check out the Beneq Lumineq Transparent TASEL customised displays?

They completely revolutionise the future with their ability to change applications which were deemed impossible for transparent displays into realised products!

The implementation of transparent displays adds a feeling of premium high-tech value. Designers can easily create applications with a sleek contemporary look.

This adds differentiation and benefits the creation of a unique brand identity and offers a possibility to stand out from competitors.

Many customers have embraced the fact that Lumineq displays can be easily customised.

The displays glass can be drilled or cut to custom sizes and forms to fulfil any design requirements.

Wide range of applications ranging from unique design elements and differentiators in high-end products to any piece of glass benefiting from a user interface.

Check out the BENEQ Lumineq TASEL webpage for more info. 

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