Super Slim Ultra Wide Stretched Displays

You may have realised that we offer a wide range of ultra wide stretched displays and may have even seen some installed and in the flesh but did you realise how slim they’ve now got?

We now have four ultra slim stretched monitors as detailed below;

Part Number Description Brightness Resolution Backlight Outer Dimensions (mm)
M0-275-001-EW-1000-L 27.5″ Stretched LCD POS Display (Shelf Edge) 1000 cd/m² 1366×70 LED 722.1 x 69.7 x 38.8
MO-348-001-EW-2000-L 34.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 2000 cd/m² 1920×264 LED 902 x 151.9 x 62.2
MO-435-001-EW-2000-L 43.5″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 2000 cd/m² 1920×268 LED 1124.3 x 187.4 x 64.6
MO-478-001-EW-1600-L 47.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1600 cd/m² 1920×178 LED 1247.2 x 154.1 x 62.9

These super slim displays can be used in more space concerning projects and applications. Many customers think the slimmer the better for a unique look and differentiation in design.

The slim design gives an even more impressive aspect ratio and resolution then ever before.

They could even be used as shelf edge advertising at the POS.

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