CDS Open Frame Monitor and Touch Monitor FAQs

CDS launch an Open Frame Monitor and Touch Monitor Frequently Asked Questions list.

This will help our customers when they are considering an open frame project – either a new project or changing suppliers for a roll out already in mass production.

We can help you and save you money 🙂

Please check the FAQs as below but please contact us if you have any further questions.

  1. Do you have certifications for your products? A. Yes, we have FCC and CE certification, but if you need another specific certification please ask.
  2. What sizes do you offer in this range? A. Our sizes range from 15.6“ up to 49″ currently.
  3. No 15” in 4:3 ratio? A. These 15″ sizes are tending to be less popular and therefore more expensive so 15.6” widescreen is much better pricing for you with better longer-term availability. We can supply 15” 4:3 on a project by project basis where required.
  4. What is standard lead-time from receipt of payment? What is worst case delivery in weeks? A. Normally it takes 25-30 days for you to receive your product but sometimes more quickly as we may have stock or part-built chassis.
  5. Is a media player option available in all sizes? A. Yes, now we have Media player option from 15.6″ up to 32″ with android system.
  6. What manufacturers’ panels do you use? A. Normally we utilise major manufacturers Samsung, AUO, CMI, and depending on their available sizes or best pricing and high quality!
  7. We get also requests for kit only solutions – can you supply them also without the metal housing? A. Yes we can supply panel only, kit or open frame solutions.
  8. It says you supply Capacitive touch – is that surface capacitive or PCAP? A. It is PCAP as surface capacitive is no longer popular with the development and growth plus the advantages of PCAP. PCAP is the better technology.
  9. Do you have exact mechanical drop ins for ELO, 3M or General Touch etc.? If yes do you have the product code cross references? A. Send us the product you are trying to replace and we will give you the alternative lower cost option.
  10. Where are your monitors produced? A. We have a number of OEM factories in Korea, Taiwan and China that build for us depending on the product, size and requirements for our clients.  We also do customisation and assembly work for specific projects in the UK.
  11. What are your standard Warranty terms? A. Standard warranty is 12 months from receipt of invoice, but we can extend that for specific projects and requirements. Discuss your requirement with us so we can customise the solution that meets your requirements.
  12. Do you offer Customisation and custom monitors? A. Yes we do which can include a wide variety of options including size, colour, design, corporate logo, inputs, ruggedization, Form Fit and Function copies of other manufacturer’s monitors to save our clients time.  Talk to us about your custom requirements.
  13. What are the standard operating Temperature ranges of your monitors? A. Our standard operating temp. range is 0-50 Degrees Centigrade but we can offer extended temperatures for specific sizes and products if required.  Let us know about your specifications and we will give you the best solution based on your requirements.
  14. Do you offer High brightness monitors and options? A. Yes we do for specific sizes and panels but this will also depend on the brightness required by the clients as brightness’s can range from 250cd up to an amazing 3,000cds and we need to better understand the requirements and the application so we ensure our clients get the best solution.
  15. What are your minimum and maximum sizes currently offered? A. This does change over time as newer panel sizes and specifications are introduced but currently (as of January 2018) the smallest monitor is a small 5.7” up to a huge 98” but the specific specifications for each size and option will vary, so please send us your requirement and we will give you the best solution to meet that specification.
  16. Do you offer free of charge advice and / or consultancy? A. Yes we always discuss and understand our client’s requirements (unless they know exactly what they want) to ensure we offer the best solution for their requirement / application as sometimes the smallest detail can be important and be the difference between getting the right or wrong solution!
  17. Do you offer a repair service? A. Yes we offer a in-house repair service at our UK Headquarters and hold stock of components to hopefully be able to turn these around very quickly. But obviously depends on the actual issue and whether it is an uneconomical repair or customer damage etc.
  18. Do you offer vandal resistant options? A. Yes we do depending on what the customer requires and this will be discussed to better understand this and give the best solution, but our PCAP projected Capacitive Touch can be used behind a sacrificial piece of glass to protect it but can still be used for multi touch as well as single touch and dual touch applications.  Our options on this are very wide so please talk to us about this and you will receive the best solution.
  19. Do you have projected “thru Touch” without the ugly visible copper wires? A. Yes we do with our almost invisible PCAP touch technology which utilises the latest technology and is proving very interesting and exciting to our clients.  We do not use the older copper based wire technology for obvious reasons.  Talk to us about your project and requirements to get the best solution and give you the latest technology.


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