New Range of E-Paper Display Modules for Integration

E-Paper, also known as electronic paper or electronic ink display, has a paper-like high contrast appearance and an ultra-low power consumption and effectively mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.

This makes them very popular for low cost digital signage solutions such as restaurant menus etc as the display as low cost and the running and maintenance costs are low as well.

The display is an electronic replacement for traditional paper that we can use for reading things like books, magazines and more. E-Paper, much like real paper, reflects available ambient light (although they can also incorporate a front-light to improve readability in dark surroundings), thus uses much less power than traditional LCDs or OLEDs.

So they are environmentally friendly as well as looking great too!

With all these advantages and benefits CDS have updated their range. With over 40 modules and multiple options there is a solution for every application.

Please follow the links to see the full table of displays.

Our E-Paper Displays come in component form, designed for integration.

If required we also have a wide range of driver boards to make it easier to interface with the displays.

If you would prefer a finished solution please contact us.


For more information and pricing on our E-Paper displays or any other products of interest please contact the team today and email or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327420.