TASEL Rugged Displays Even Work Perfectly Submerged in Water

Check it out! A Beneq Lumineq TASEL display submerged in water and working completely fine.

Now you know why CDS are certain they are the most rugged displays in the world!

This just shows their capabilities for highly industrial applications such as marine, defense, aeronautics, transportation and more.

Transparent Lumineq® displays allow you to break the design boundaries of conventional displays.

They are ideal for high-end applications, where a subtle look and first-class viewing experience make the product stand out.

The transparent Lumineq displays glass is easily customized, it can be drilled or cut to custom sizes to fulfil your design requirements.

EL submerged in water

For more information on the most magical transparent displays in the world please visit https://crystal-display.com/products/lumineq-transparent/

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