WOW 75 inch 3DP, the 3D Transparent, in Testing Before Shipment

Check out a few test images of our 75″ 3DP solution before packing and shipping.

We have developed the 75″ 4K transparent LCD with an L shape for the electronics so the display can be used in either portrait or landscape for ease in installation for our customers.

Paired with the LG 2160 x 3840 4K high bright display with a whopping 3,000 nits brightness.

CDS 75 inch 3dp

Obviously this is only test content to check the solution works, we are not content-minded bodies so our customers content creation will be a lot more impressive then ours 😉

We can’t wait to see this display installed by our customer 😁

CDS 75 inch 3dp

Check out the testing in the below video;

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