New Retail Shelf Talker Battery Displays

Check out our brand new Retail Shelf Talker Battery Displays – the CDS043, a 4.3 inch Battery Powered Advertising LCD perfect for shelf edge promotions.

A fantastic low cost, low power and small format LCD advertising.

CDS shelf talker 4.3 inch

Key Benefits; 

  • Designed for cardboard, CDU and FSDU applications
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Independent standalone device
  • No maintenance costs
  • Dramatically increases sales
  • Attracts attention and improves customer interaction.
  • Easy fixation with multiple options for mounting
  • Easy updates with an internal memory to connect to PC to update contents
  • Option power adaptor if mains access is available
  • Battery packs support 6 x AA batteries- lasts up to 3,000 clicks (approx. 3 months dependent on usage & video commercial length)
  • Colour variations optional

CDS retail talkers colours

Take a closer look at this display by checking out the spec as below;

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