CDS TAICENN Sunlight Readable Industrial Monitors & Panel PCs

The current situation…

With the rise in popularity for outdoor industrial applications together with some outdoor commercial automation, sunlight readability options for applications have become much sought after. This has proved difficult in the past as these industrial type applications have needed to remain low cost despite this custom feature. Until now, as CDS with Taicenn are now able to provide a suitable and competitive solution for our industrial customers.

Three ways of improving sunlight readability…

The sunlight readability of a display depends on two factors – the brightness of the display and the illumination (ambient lighting in the display’s environment). The readability of the display is dependent on the amount of light being reflected off the display. The simplest way to enhance visibility is to increase brightness. This results in enhanced readability but with increased brightness high bright LCDs can have the following disadvantages including; high power consumption, excessive heat generation, increased dimensions, electrical circuit reliability problems and shortened LCD lifetime.

A second option is transflective technology. Some TFT LCDs offer a reflective mode of illumination without compromising transmissive illumination. With this imposed reflective function, modified LCDs reflect ambient light passing through the LCD cell and use reflected light beams as illumination. The stronger the ambient light, the brighter the LCD appears. The modified LCD is viewable under all lighting conditions including direct sunlight regardless of the LCD’s original brightness. However, a regular transmissive LCD is difficult to read under strong ambient light without direct sunlight. Problems noticed in transflective LCDs include; a narrow viewing angle, discoloration, low brightness and loss of contrast.

Optical Bonding technology is the third possible method of improving sunlight readability. It enables the coupling of the front glass and the internal glass, but the cost is high compared to what it brings in terms of quality. As well as this, the bonding technology manufacturer may have a high RMA rate, resulting in high cost materials. Features include a standard display, an enhancement film applied on the internal screen improving brightness and contrast, and a polarizing film applied on both sides of the touchscreen to reduce light reflection. The design includes a gap of 1.5 mm, between the two screens. This distance has the effect of reducing Newton rings or the circular rainbow effect which may be caused by non-uniform cell thickness, as well as other defects resulting in a flat surface in contact with a slightly curved one.

What CDS & TAICENN can do?

CDS with TAICENN can provide highly backlit solutions and optical bonding solutions for outdoor sunlight readable applications and projects, including our Industrial touch monitor and panel PC series.

TAICENN can provide sunlight readable products with competitive price support for customers to help them achieve lower costs for outdoor applications. TAICENN can also provide native original high brightness LCD displays for customers who have the budget for their applications.

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