The Latest Trend in TFTs is Round

The new trend for round TFT displays can be linked to the rise in wearable devices, such as smart watches.

These high-end consumer products primarily need round display screens which have high display resolution and vivid colour in display performance. Here at CDS we can offer monochrome graphic LCD, round colour TFT LCD and round OLED displays.

Round LCD TFT advantages;  

  • Compared to round OLED display screens, TFTs are much cheaper which is ideal as many consumer products are very price sensitive.
  • Our newly designed backlight means the TFT is thinner than ever before (less than 2mm)
  • Touch screen available (PCAP)

Round OLED display screen advantages;CDS small format TFT BOE round

  • The main advantages are the thickness and the power consumption
  • OLED also gives higher contrast to achieve more vivid colours
  • Biggest disadvantage is the cost is higher than standard TFTs

Our range of round displays;

  • 1.22 inch
  • 1.3 inch
  • 1.39 inch (OLED)
  • 1.5 inch
  • 2.1 inch
  • 3 inch
  • 3.4 inch

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