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• Long-term availability
• Exclusive PID-Series (high resolution, low power consumption, wide viewing angles)
• HighBright versions up to 5000 cd/m² and high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C to prevent blackening of the screen under sunlight


• Industrial Long term availability
• Industrial TFT displays
• Outstanding viewing angle due to SMVA technology
• Extended temperature range available
• Up to 4K resolution
• Cost effective


• Industrial TFT displays
• Professional PD screens
• Excellent price competitive
• Industrial Long-term availability
• Extended temperature ranges
• Integrated projected capacitive touchscreen options
• Sunlight readable / Outdoor: up to 2500cd/m² brightness and high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C to prevent blackening of the screen in direct sunlight


• High clearing temperature of 197.6 °F (92 °C) makes it suitable for high hot / direct sunlight.
• High Bright versions up to 1500 cd/m² for use in sunlight or bright light
• Durable, industrial TFT displays
• Wide temperature range
• Transportation focused displays - Vibration resistance up to 6.8G
• Transflective low power versions for sunlight readability with no increased power
• Industrial Long term availability


• Long term industrial availability
• high resolutions
• Excellent niche panels
• integrated LED converter


• Industrial TFT displays
• SFT wide viewing angels
• Integrated LED driving board
• Integrated PCAP
• High resolutions


• HighBright versions up to 3000 cd/m², option: optical bonding
• Anti-reflective options
• Extended temperature range up to Automotive specification
• Custom open frame, and touchscreen monitors and embedded Panel PC solutions.
• Widest range of Transparent displays (standard and custom) in the world.


• Excellent price-performance ratio
• Industrial TFT displays
• Long-term availability


• Excellent alternatives to Brand names
• New innovative displays
• Some of the best prices on the market
• Supplies some major blue chip organisations


• Industrial TFT displays
• Professional TFT’s for public applications
• Long-term availability
• Outdoor TFT’s up to 2000 cd/m² and high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C to prevent blackening of the screen under sunlight
• Excellent price-performance ratio


• High clearing temperature of 197.6 °F (92 °C) makes it suitable for hot / direct sunlight.
• High Bright versions up to 1500 cd/m² for use in sunlight or high ambient conditions
• Improved electromagnetic interference (EMI)
• Extended temperature range
• Reverse scan options
• High brightness with high contrasts up to 1300cd/m² for outdoor applications


• industrial TFT display
• IPS wide viewing angle
• high brightness
• Low cost alternatives to major Brands


• Largest TFT LCD maqnufacturer in the world
• Major supplier of glass and open cells to other major TFT manufacturers
• Wide range of cost effective solutions including high bright and ultra-wide stretched

With CDS’s wide range of TFT LCD and international blue chip Display manufacturers (TFT Manufacturers and LCD screen suppliers) we offer you a display that is optimised for a specific application or requirement to meet your Display and touch screen needs.  Some of the Display options, variations and peripherals are listed below for your assistance.

Variations of our displays include …

Industrial range of Displays, TFT screens, panoramic monitors, industrial touchscreen monitors, TFT kits, TFT LCD panels, LCD display panel kits, open frames, Square Displays, small LCD displays, multi touch monitors, sunlight readable monitors, ERG backlights, TFT panels, TFT and LCD, sunlight readable displays, TFT LCD IPS Display, Interactive LCD Display,  HDMI TFT, low power LCD Displays, LVDS LCD Display, super narrow bezel, small touch screen display, square LCD screen, custom cut LCD Panel, high brightness LCD Displays, TFT Display touchscreens, Custom TFT Displays, USB TFT Displays, Industrial LCD panels, sunlight readable LCD Displays, daylight readable Displays, small TFT displays, Low power Displays, embedded displays, touch screen retail Displays, flat screen display systems, panel display systems, custom size LCD screen, small video Displays, high brightness Displays, sunlight readable, industrial TFT LCDs, projected capacitive, led backlight, high contrast, wide viewing angle, ultra wide, touch screen, wide operating temperature, TFT LCD, TFT Displays, industrial TFT LCD Panels, TFT Display components, LCD Display TFTs, competitive low-cost LCD Panels, TFT Modules, high resolution display, TFT/LCD, 10″ TFT industrial wide displays, colour TFT LCD panels, sunlight readable panels, bar cut panels, SMART TFT displays with built-in control, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, wide temperature operation, longer lamp life, lower power consumption, stretched bar LCD, LCD Display Panel Kit, Touch overlays, PCAP Screens, 3.5 inch TFT LCD Monitor, and TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen etc.


CDS displays can also include ….

Touch overlays, ind. touch screen, PCAP Touch screen, open frame TFTs, Strand TFT LCD cleaner, TFT reviews, TFT Display interface, capacitive touchscreen overlays, DVI to LVDS converter board, RGB display interfaces, LCD RGB interface, LCD without backlight, analog resistive touch screen, TFT Interfaces, AHVA Displays, square LCD Displays, LVDS to DVI converters, small TFT screens, TFT Boards, LVDS Display Interface, PCAP Touch Technology, RGB to LVDS converters, Industrial LCDs, LVDS screens, Wide LCDs, LED TFTs, TFT Colour displays, LVDS Touchscreen displays, automotive LCD Display, TFT high resolution screens, TFT LCD capacitive touchscreens, TFT capacitive touchscreens, high brightness LCDs, Letterbox Displays, small VGA Displays, LCD panel without backlights, Controller boards, Display-Kits, full motion video, new line of TFT-LCD Digital Displays, Touch screen TFT LCD, Resistive Touch Screen TFT, Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Module, IPS TFT LCD, Active matrix Display, RGB TFT LCD Display, small LCD panels, high reolution TFT Displays, Litemax, AUO panels, LCD Display panel kits, Micro OLED Display, capacitive touch screen kits, OLED Display 128 x 64, 128 x 64 Graphic LCD Display, and Dot Matrix Display module.


For any specific Display enquiries please email us at info@crystal-display.com or call our Headquarters on + (0) 1634 327 420.

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