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Zytronic Projective Capacitive

Touch Sensors


The unique feature of the Zytronic Projected Capacitive Touchscreens is the sensor embedded within the touch glass, ensuring long product life and durability. In addition to the standard versions a wide range of custom touchscreens from 5.7″ up to 82″ diagonal can be supplied in thicknesses from 3mm right up to 15mm thick for applications requiring more rugged solutions, like public kiosks.

Zytronic are continually developing their product range and with the new ZXY100 controller these touch screens have dual touch functionality via Windows 7.




Product/Line Size Glass Thickness
ZYBX6-5.0008 06.5″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX7-0.0005 07.0″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX8-4.0011 08.4″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX10-4.0017 10.4″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX12-1.0016 12.1″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX15-1.0080 15.1″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX17-1.0029 17.1″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX19-0.0011 19.0″ 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX19-0.0073 19.0″ widescreen 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX22-0.0023 22.0″ widescreen 3mm, anti glare
ZYBX32-0.0041 32.0″ 4mm, anti glare
ZYBX40-TBD 40.0″ 4mm, anti glare
ZYBX46-0.0046 46.0″ 4mm, anti glare
ZYBX52-TBD 52.0″ 4mm, anti glare
Request 5.7″-82″
Request Custom 3mm to 15mm AG or AR

Drawing’s and specifications available upon request.

You can find more details on our TFT displays at http://crystal-display.com/components/displays/lcd/

We also have a wide range of PCAP touchscreens, visit http://crystal-display.com/components/touchscreens/pcap/

Alternatively you can find our monitor brochure by visiting http://crystal-display.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/main.swf

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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