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New range of small TFT modules from CDS

Due to the rapid increase in demand for our transparent LCD displays, we have decided to release a complete new range of displays.

The new range has much more variety in terms of size, plus the displays have higher resolution and higher levels of transparency.

Here is a brief overview:

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessOperating Temp
1.77"YB-TG128160S12A-N-A 128 x 160250 cd/m²-20~70
2.0"YB-TG176220S12A-N- A
176 x 220150 cd/m²-20~70
2.4" *YB-TG240320S23A- N-A
240 x 320450 cd/m²-20~70
2.8"YB-TG240320S24 A-N-A
240 x 320300 cd/m²-20~70
2.8" *YB-TG240320S26A-C-A240 x 320280 cd/m²-20~70
2.8"YB-TG32064CO1A-N-A2320 x 64300 cd/m²-20~70
3.5"YB-TG320480S 05A-N-A
320 x 480300 cd/m²-20~70
3.5" *YB-TG320240S16A-N-A320 x 240200 cd/m²-10~70
5.0" *YB-YG800480S04A-N-A0800 x 480300 cd/m²-10~60
7.0"YB-TG80048 0S22A-N -A800 x 480500 cd/m²-20~70
7.0"7.0+RTP YB-TG800480S 21A-T-A 0 800 x 480210 cd/m²-20~70
7.0"YB-TG1024600S07A-N- A1024 x 600500 cd/m²-30~85
7.0" *YB-TG800480S21A-N-A0 800 x 480220 cd/m²-20~75
9"YB-TG800480S23A-N-A800 x 480300 cd/m²-20~70
10.1"YB-TG1280800S06B-N-A01280 x 800350 cd/m²-20~70
10.1"YB-TG1280800S06B-C-A01280 x 800350 cd/m²-20~70
10.1"YB-TG1024600S08A-N-A1024 x 600500 cd/m²-30~85
12.1"YB-TG1024768S02A-N-A1024 x 768350 cd/m²-20~70

For more info on our transparent displays, please visit: http://crystal-display.com/components/displays/transparent-displays/

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