Pixel Qi 7” display for system integrators and B2B

The Pixel Qi 7” 1024×600 display delivers full sunlight readability with excellent multi-media capability. This display uses Pixel Qi’s award winning technology and provides the “use anywhere” experience of Pixel Qi’s earlier display products. The new 7” display is perfect for nearly all professional products and provides a power saving that can reduce the display power by up to 80% and double the battery life of most handheld devices.

The panel is being used in several professional devices like handheld measurement equipment and mobile ruggedized PCs. The feedback from customers has been extremely positive. The display fills a need with its “use anywhere” capability that previously was not addressed.

PixelQi 7"
PixelQi 7″

The interface adaptation for the new 7” Pixel Qi TFT to the Display Solution AG controller board range has been completed and can support all required interfaces like USB, RGB, DVI and Ethernet. Our customers are fascinated from the combination of low power technology and sunlight readability they can get. The 7” size is very popular in the embedded market. We expect many customers will take the opportunity to upgrade their product with this unique Pixel Qi screen.

Pixel Qi’s 10.1”, 1280 x 800 sunlight readable display with colour in reflective mode launched at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It is available for demo and testing now  and Mass Production is planned for Q3 2012. Preliminary specification available on request.

For more information and specification please email info@crystal-display.com



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